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Jacob man you are crushing it. Loved this video and it got all my neurons tingling as you touched upon some of the greatest lessons from OL 101!

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Wow. 10 weeks has flown by. I have learned so much in the last 10 weeks participating in and listening to all of the questions, comments, and interactions with Brian. Just wanted to say thank you to you all for taking part in this program and making it what it is. Hopefully my input is helpful to listeners on the call and if not, I apologize for being a bag of hot air!

Best to you all and be sure to check out when it launches in early August! Stay tuned to Brian's Facebook/Twitter feed to know when En Theos goes public. Many good times ahead, lets all stay in touch as we rock our greatest lives and contribution!

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hey Skip. Love your idea of "Hopework!" Maybe other people will commit to reviewing the notes and bringing up some of the Big Ideas, that would be fantastic! I try to chime in each week and tie my comment back to the notes, which I will usually review 1-2 days before the call.

Awesome energy you are pouring into the program, esp with this week on Wisdom.

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Alex thank you so much for opening up this topic. I love all 3 of those ideas for the en•theos site where we could grow as a community, get to know each other better, and support each other in the specific ways only a community can provide.

Would you mind posting your email address or shooting me a message at Thanks man.

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Hey Cyd, I don't think there is an easy answer to your question...but anytime I find myself reading too deeply into the papers or others' analysis of the NWO or the "Prison Planet" folks...I like to use Byron Katie's "The Work." Ask these 4 questions to clear your mind of the constant looming threat of invisible forces.

1. Is it true?
2. Can I be absolutely certain it is true?
3. Who would I be without assuming this information is true?
4. Turn it around. What fears am I projecting outwards in order to avoid facing realities about myself?

These aren't Katie's questions verbatim...just adapted for the particular question you bring up. I also language them using terms I usually think in, to make it more personalized. Play with the concepts using language you use to try and clear your mind of the nonsense, while keeping what IS useful, true, and pertinent to how you want to live your life.

Hope this is useful.

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I saw this documentary too Maxine and it is amazing what they can do with type 2 diabetes. However, the type 1 people still have to take insulin, right? I couldn't find them commenting on whether or not they could 'cure' type 1, or if the type 2 people had to eat low to no sugar for the rest of their lives. Does the diet actually revert the body into a state that is able to handle blood sugars at normal function?

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I love that Maxine! I tend to "up the bar" as soon as I have a few weeks of consistency, and sure enough the increased pressure is enough to newly budding habit. That is really cool how you are committed to 15 minutes only, and the rest is just bonus time :]

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hey that is right on point Julie. The third principle of tonight's call on Energy was 'Rejuvenation.' Hope your extra 2 hours of sleep were great! :]

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We talked quite a bit about meditation on the call tonight and I wanted to post a resource for Holosync/brainwave entrainment technologies for meditation. This is a brief email exchange I had with Curt Coleman earlier today. Hoping the information is useful for you guys.

Curt: I've been looking into Holosync. Do you have any experience with it?

hi Curt. I have tried Holosync with some success. I am actually a big fan of brainwave entrainment technologies to assist with meditation. Holosync is quite expensive though, and there is a Holosync 'clone' that was made by doing a spectral analysis of the HS tracks and then recreated using a program called 'Mind Workstation' from this company It is called "Deeper Than a Zen Monk" and is available on the above site if you purchase either Mind Workstation or Neuro Programmer 3. I would highly recommend their product 'Neuro Programmer 3' to gain access to several meditation tracks for various purposes, along with "DTZM". It is much more free-wheelin' meditation style and because there are so many options it is easy to jump around, which can be a weak or strong point depending on how dedicated you are to practice. Brainwave entrainment, like meditation, takes time to lay down new neural pathways. The main advantage to Holosync, as I see it, is because you are encouraged to use 1 level for 3-4 months, and because each level costs $70+, the user is much more 'immersed' and invested in the experience. Their marketing frame of reference turns out to be a very effective mindset for the customers to receive the most benefit from the CDs. If you want to play a little more and have more options though, I'd go with NP3 from Transparentcorp. You can record you own voice affirmations, add your own sounds, change the pitch and other audio tweaks in it too. Just be sure to be consistent on the the practice to get the best results.

Other popular pre-packaged brainwave suites include
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Dr. Robert Monroe
Brain Evolution System
Kelly Howell (I think Brian uses her products for what he calls 'Napitation.')

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Agreed. I have a lot of appreciation and respect for the small farmers who engage in the conscious production of food that is healthy for us, the animals, and the environment. And while we need smaller scale modes of production to go from 1% to 100%, they can't do it without money. We can do our part as consumers by paying a few more dollars (or pounds) to support the triple bottom line.

Thanks for doing what you do Caroline!

Just ordered "Eating Animals." My consciousness is tugging at me to start getting serious (or playing more earnestly) about bridging the gap between my ideals and my behavior.

Brian Johnson--obstacle remover, foe destroyer! Om Mani Padme Hum!