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I love Risotto! I usually have arborio in my cupboard, although right now I'm avoiding the carb thing. Think I will have to add this to my list of recipes for an upcoming chick weekend with some friends! Do you make your own chicken broth or purchased? If you purchase it - what is your favorite?

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I keep tearing up still. I hadn't thought about it in a while. Three years cancer free coming up in a couple of weeks though....

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I love that blouse too! It's my first sleeveless adventure since losing weight.

As for things I've missed, I don't think I knew I was missing them until I had them back. Wondering what else I will find with the next 65? :)

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I totally get that! Recycling centers work the same way for me that dumps do. It's the lightening of the load I guess.

Plus, going to a recycling center in Manzanita? Not a bad place to go!

We should plan a night or weekend with Sharon and Betsy at the coast when I come out this fall - we haven't done that since, um, maybe ever. If we have it was when Alex was a baby. That's been a while. :)