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Some notable features that Disqus brings.
- Most Active, Most Liked and New Faces lists for Members.
- @ mentions for those who like to reference other commenters in their comments.
- More options for ordering your comments
- Being able to respond to a post via twitter and have it display in the comments section.
Believe us when we say that you're way better off with Disqus. It acts and behaves very similar to Intensedebate but provides a far better list of features. Don't worry, you're in good hands.

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I really did think the same way for a long time. But I realized that just because it doesn't work for me (I already have an iPhone and a Macbook) doesn't mean that it won't work wonders for someone else.

The iPad fills the niche of being a device for people who traditionally haven't been heavily invested technology already. It gives basic computer functionality to the masses without all the head aches that a complex Windows machine brings (Viruses, Confusing Error messages) or the hefty price tag of a Mac.

It's simple and easy to use and that's exactly what your (gran)parents need. Not to mention young kids.

For us Geeks who are power users it's just not worth it because it limits what we would normally do with a Laptop or a Desktop machine.

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The Canadian Government practically destroyed any ability they had of sustaining themselves through hunting and fishing by forcing them to Westernize their culture and get "real" jobs so that they could live like "civilized" folk. Therefore the Government should be the one to support them. I don't care if the decision to do this was made 50 years ago, we the Canadian people have a responsibility to the Native population for the damage we've caused to their culture and way of life.

If the government came to your town and made you dependent on Banana's but in the future refused to help supply you with Banana's you'd be pretty angry too.

Though in retrospect, Tomato juice and Peanut Butter are hardly essential commodities.

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Thanks Everybody, looks like our comment system is no longer removing 'Stephen Harper'. Was probably a result of a Spam comment that made mention to him we had a while back.

You're free to use his name again! (For better or worse)

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Now, please type in Stephen Harper. I don't think it will delete mine because I'm a mod.

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If a bunch of you could reply to this comment with 'Stephen Harper' it would help me debug this.

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Lets see how long this comment lives for.

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Stephen Harper

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Does Michael not want Canadian's to start families? I thought he was all about families.

He flip flops yet again!


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