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I'm sorry, but you're completely and utterly wrong. Allow me to draw your attention to their first ever appearance, in the TNG episode The Last Outpost:


From page 53:

(exhibiting the
Starfleet insignias
Proof of their barbarism -- they
adorn themselves with gold, a
despicable use of rare metal...

Looks like they in fact valued gold very highly, doesn't it?

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I think Mary Jo Kopechne might know what that was about, but she's unavailable for comment.

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Before I saw this I thought I was having a crappy day, but this puts that all into perspective. I can't believe that Andrew Breitbart is dead, and my deepest condolences go out to all his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

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A $17M domestic gross on a $15M budget is a "commercial smash"? They made another $32M internationally, so they may have made a small profit if they skimped on promotion, but we're far from "smash" territory here.

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Except it's a TV show. He's survived TV shows before...

Having not read the book, it was a genuine surprise to me when they actually killed off Ned Stark. Up to that point, he was the closest thing the show had to a central character. Until the second they cut his head off, I thought he would be saved somehow.

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Shame he was completely incapable of pronouncing Hereford, though. Makes you wonder how many takes they went through before they gave up trying...

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I think you need to read the books to "get" the premise here.
If an adaptation of a book can't be enjoyed or understood without reading the book first, then it fails as anything other than fan service. It's the filmmakers' job to get us to understand the characters and premise, and it sounds like they failed here.

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Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism or consequences. Having said that, I think that her choice of movies is what's killing her career, not some stupid comments from several years ago.

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Daniel Sunjata is in it, therefore I won't see it. It's that simple.

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Nah, Alien: Resurrection did that. Alien 3 was actually a pretty good movie, it just wasn't what people wanted to see from the franchise: they expected huge Aliens vs Marines battles on an infested Earth, and got one Alien running through tunnels picking off guys at random. It felt like a step backwards. But anyway, the plot and setting weren't Fincher's decision.

Fight Club, on the other hand was a boring, pretentious, stupid piece of crap. Its popularity has always mystified me.