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Hi Jeanie,

You are absolutely right - Using bowling tape on your thumb instead of the ball is a smart choice for flexibility. It allows you to adjust quickly if your thumb swells during a game, ensuring a comfortable grip throughout. It's a practical solution for maintaining consistency and comfort during long bowling sessions.

Thank you for your input!

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Hi there Gary-

I'm thrilled to hear that the message resonated with you, especially on such an important night. It sounds like your team has already overcome challenges and demonstrated resilience. Let that inspiration fuel your performance tonight – go out there and bowl your hearts out!

Good Luck & Good Bowling,

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your comment on this post. You are absolutely correct. Encouraging acceptance of different approaches fosters growth, especially among youth and newcomers. Witnessing the unique strategies of disabled players in leagues highlights the beauty of individual expression in bowling, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of players. That is one of the most inspiring aspects of bowling. It is truly a sport for ALL to enjoy.

Thank you again for sharing your positivity & kindness,

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Hi Clarence,

Congratulations on your impressive improvement! Your dedication to consistent practice, especially focusing on spares and release, has clearly paid off with a significant increase in your average score over the years. It's understandable how a drop in practice intensity can affect performance, as seen in the recent decline in your scoring. Your experience underscores the importance of maintaining a steady practice regimen to sustain and further enhance your bowling skills. Keep up the great work, and I'm sure your diligence will continue to yield positive results on the lanes!

Good Luck & Good Bowling,

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Hi Gonzalo,

Thank you for recognizing the importance of exploring unconventional patterns in sports, such as walking left and throwing right. It's indeed surprising how little literature exists on this topic, despite its prevalence among professional players. Addressing questions like targeting in such scenarios challenges traditional coaching norms and opens up new avenues for understanding and improvement in sports strategy.

Good luck & Good Bowling,

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In the USBC Open Bowling Championship, there's no handicap involved. It's a level playing field where bowlers compete based solely on their skill and ability. While this might seem intimidating at first, it's also a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself and grow as a bowler. Embrace the experience, give it your best shot, and remember, every frame is a chance to improve and learn.

Good luck out there!

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Hello B.R. MULLEN,

We would recommend consulting with a professional driller given your unique circumstances. Do you use a wrist support device when you bowl? If not, we would also suggest looking into one that may help add some stability to your release. A support like the Kool Kontrol Wrist Positioner ( or Storm C2 ( may be beneficial to your game.

Thank you for your comment. Good luck and good bowling!
Jessica Staff

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Hi Drew,

Per USBC rules, cleaners may be used prior to or after bowling competition. Only a dry towel may be used during competition. The article has been updated to state this information according to 2023 rules.

Good luck & good bowling!
Jessica Staff

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Hi Jim,

You are correct! Balance holes are now considered illegal per USBC rules & regulations. However, if you are using the ball in a non-sanctioned league or tournament, balance holes are okay.

Thank you!
Jessica Staff

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Hi Tony,

It can be overwhelming at times to look through all of the specs on a bowling ball and try to determine which one may be the best fit for you. You can rest assured that the Perfect Scale information here on is accurate and based only on the overall hook potential, and does not factor in bowling ability, ball speed, rev rate, etc. If you ever need assistance with narrowing down your bowling ball search, please contact our expert team anytime at

Thank you!
Jess Staff