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Michelle looks AMAZING. Ah. May. Zing.

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Sad sad about your MacBook. I've heard mixed reviews about them, but I have a five year old iBook G4 which I heart more than anything I've ever owned. It's stood up to being dropped, drop kicked, sat on, spilled on and me ignoring software updates for up to six months. It's never died on me, and it just barely started to give me the swirly beach ball of doom on occasion, especially if I've let it stay on for a day or two. I think there will always be lemons for both Macs and PCs, but overall Macs have faired better for me than any PC ever has.

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Yay! According to my all-knowing mother, your body recognizes the fake, calorieless sugar as normal sugar and turns it into fat anyway. I know that last spring when I quit drinking any soda at all, I lost enough weight to make a noticeable difference. I still drink it occasionally, but I try to limit myself to only once a month unless it happens to be finals week. Don't forget to give yourself a little treat now and then.

As for replacement beverages, I recommend tea! Once you get used to drinking it without sweeteners or milk, it's calorie free and oh-so-yummy. You can even try flavored green tea and get your caffeine kick for the day.

Good luck! Not that you'll need it ;)

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Your kids are so much better than me at getting shots, and I'm so impressed. One time I kicked the nurse, and I was like 15.

Congrats on getting Eli enrolled in kindergarten (!), and Jason is totally right about the bounce house. Pony rentals are just plain cruel to the ponies involved, and only one kid at a time can go on them.

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I wish you were my mom. Rock on - especially because I was terrified just reading about it. I hate confrontation like that, where there's always a chance the other party will be so biased they'll call you names. I makes my heart start pounding just to think of it.

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Dude, that hotel is insanely nice - I can't believe it was that cheap, and it's gorgeous. I wish my house looked like that... hopefully we'll have more yummy warm weather up here for y'all.

Now I feel compelled to go find a hotel deal for V-Day.