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Hi, Bill! I love Smashing, too. Good stuff there. In fact, the theme I'm using for this blog was one they commissioned.

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Yes, there's a TP there.

What about the little circles that make up the letters? What do those images evoke? Anything?

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I eloped on a beach on Grace Bay in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Highly recommended.

I married my best friend. The day was just right. The marriage was not.

We're now happily divorced. But what I did that day - committing to a life and a family with that man - is probably the best decision I've ever made. He's a loyal friend, and incredible father, and a good, good man. He's like a brother to me.

Lesson: Marrying your best friend does not a marriage make. You've got to have a little chemistry, too.

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Agreed. He rocks, just like his mama.

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That's one thing I know for sure: never say never.

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Oh, gods. He definitely does. My heart is pounding, just reading this. I'm thinking 'potential' just might be the most delicious understatement ever, Ms.

A friend asked me tonight if I ever thought I could be a wife again. I'm about to link him to this post. If ever I was loved like THIS, I'd consider it.

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I too had a frantic 'I'm all alone' moment last week. I locked myself out of my condo. I've been thinking for months that I need someone I can trust to keep an extra set of keys. But there's no one.

I've most definitely put my son in less than ideal situations with men I've dated because I just *needed* to so we could both survive. When the guilt keeps me up at night, I creep into his room, sniff his sweaty -sweet head and remember what a happy, healthy, brilliant little man he is. And I realize he is all those things because of the less than ideal solutions and the guilt gilded sacrifices I've made to keep him that way.

Our single mom reality is one of McGuyvered ingenuity. And our little boys will grow up to be flexible, strong, adaptable, good-humored men because of it.

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I sobbed and giggled in the same 60 seconds. Best. xo

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Leap and the net will appear. You've so got this, Girl.

Clickety-clicking your ads. xoxo

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Whoa. That photo is pure perfection! Nice kiddo catch, too.