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This was pretty much the equivalent of that. When you "squat" your cheeks naturally spread just a little bit. And then when you cough if there's anything internal it tends to peek out.

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I hope your weekend is better now! I love you!

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I agree!!

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I thought of you when I turned it that way! :)

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Thank you! I haven't quite mastered the art of selfies so I was pleased there wasn't an extra chin in this one! ;)

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Wish you could have seen his face when I told him he had his very first blog comment! You made his night! Thanks for dropping by!

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I love you too and I'm SO glad that our online community brought us together!! I can't imagine my life without you!

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Thank you!! I appreciate your support so much!!

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And now you've made me cry!! Thank you so much for these words, you'll never know how much they mean to me!

That little boy has SO much love surrounding him and I'm so thankful that it shows in his heart and in his personality and I'm so thankful, for him as well as me, that we have Jason and we have a good, honorable, and caring man to be a husband for me and a Daddy for Ty.

Since it's just going to be "Me and Ty" for such a short time I've been letting him sleep in my bed so we can have some Mama and Boy time before we move and that's all he could talk about last night was that we were going to be a family and Jason was going to be his Daddy and how his family would be our family now.

I just love the excitement and openness to love that he has!

Thank you so much, Ms. Kim, and every gift and every kindness shown to you was just repayment for all the great things you give and put into those kids!

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I think you're missing the point. I'm not looking for a man to take care of me or my child, I've never thought, much less written, anything to that degree.

I don't want a man to fix me or to provide for me or to take care of my child. At the time that I wrote this I just wanted to finally find a guy that would accept me--all of me. My child just happens to be part of the package deal.

Every woman comes with a package. Some have family issues, some have financial issues, some have mental or emotional issues. The wording of your question makes me think you're a man who considers a child an issue.

Thankfully I've since found a man who doesn't see my child in that light and thankfully there are other men out there who are willing to accept the children of others WITHOUT asking "What's in it for me?" because if they ask themselves that in the first place, they have no business in a relationship.

Relationships are about giving to one another, not about making sure you get enough out of it to justify the time and effort.