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Hey Jason is like the 'Angela' of his office! But a lot nicer, I'm sure :)

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"Either that, or it's a really inappropriate joke about Michelle's chest." Made me laugh out loud.

Also, that bathing suit is adorable- ignore the gawkers, I bet you looked HOT!

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DUDE. Free chicken is ALWAYS a good story.

(I once dropped a chick-fil-a sandwich on my garage floor, opened up and everything, and I totally picked it up, wiped it off, and ate it for dinner. So food is very important to me, hence always a good story.)

Happy Mother's Day, and yay for Michelle moving down soon :) :) :)

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Happy birthday Elias! You are an amazing writer, Becca. *sniffle* Great letter!

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dang. I need a cold shower now. !!!

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wow, if that header is part of the invitation- AMAZING. You and Jason together are like The Amazing Creative Duo! And the parties you throw are just incredible. Can you be my Mommy? lol

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Michelle, that is an awesome, awesome story. I did WW this fall as well, to lose baby-weight, and I was amazed at how quickly it worked. I lost 20 pounds in just a few months. And you are exactly right- it's all about habit. I had been in the habit of eating like a Big Fat Pregnant Lady and couldn't break the cycle. I did, and after a few months I found that I didn't even need to track my points anymore- the 'right' decisions came naturally.

That being said, I am SO IMPRESSED that you were able to walk away from the cheesecake and apple tarts table. Kudos to you! hehe Thanks for sharing your story :) And girl, I saw the latest pictures of you on Becca's Flickr, and woo, you're a hottie!

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oh don't I know it. I was basically shunned from my high school youth group which I had been VERY involved in after I decided not to go on the Mexican mission trip they were planning for the summer. It was going to cost several thousand per person, and while there would be 'fundraising', it really wasn't going to be enough. My parents could not afford that. So since I wasn't going on the trip, I was now Satan's Child, apparently. argh. As a result, I was 'pushed out' and made to feel like a major outsider and eventually stopped participating in youth group altogether. Which was really sad, because I had a ton of close friends in it from other nearby schools and we ended up drifting apart, etc. Very sad. And disappointing.

I love that Addie thanked the doctor for her shot. That is all kinds of Awesome.

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haha that is my favorite picture ever. It reminds me of a mint gum commercial, or Mentos or something. hee

And I hate that feeling where you think you'll never be well again, that you'll always, always feel like poo. argh. The worst.

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aw hun *hugs* Don't let those stupid people at the place make you feel bad- that's actually terrible of them to get all defensive and mad at you for deciding not to go with their insane contracts (that really is ridiculous that they require 6 months??) But I know that you must be feeling bad about explaining it to Elias... he will be sad, but you know how kids are, he'll bounce back and forget all about it ;) And for the record- I would have made the same decision.