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Yeah--looks like I'm stranded here 'til Friday... not a bad place to be stranded! Except the opportunity cost of missing some conferences in the US is rather high...

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like :-)

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FYI everyone--your choice of VA IS what makes/breaks this one.

In my case, Katie was a personal friend and we worked together for several years at a Christian camp... From that, I trusted her character, and knew she was exceptionally gifted with administrative skills...

When I decided last year to that I need an assistant, I called her up (she was a junior in college at the time), said "would you like some work, extremely flexible hours, and I'll pay you more than you'd make anywhere else right now. Plus you tell me what skill sets you want to learn, and I'll try to make it happen..."

Yeah--a professional VA would be a bit more expensive (although I know some who charge around $20 an hour and live in North America and are very talented). But Katie's EXTREMELY good at what she does, we trained each other, and she has a job she loves, that pays more than any other college student job...

So if you know the right college student--trust their character and their competence--then build the system using my templates and they'll quickly figure it out...

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Agreed Kevin--great answer!

If you're not already on it, the e-mail list discusses Lean Startups + the role of analytics--best part is people occasionally submit really useful case studies of what they tried and learned...

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Cool--you're in for a real treat David!

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Great answer Sean... I find it easy to find leverage points, very difficult to identify how a system is responding to shifts I make in the lever. Hence the question. And great paper too--thx for the link!

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I tried a pro/con chart, and it wasn't solving it for me because so often I didn't know the probabilities of the pros/cons occurring. A weighted pro/con makes sense though.

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thx Mike--switching now from

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Agreeing wholeheartedly Kevin! The people I like to run with are able to find adventure/opportunities wherever they go--and rarely the "track/stopwatch" type runners... and yet they simultaneously are able to put one foot in front of the other when tired/bored.

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@Glenn - Thx. I really like the Mint marketing team, so it should be a good fit.

@sucapo - Great question!

Constrain the inputs (time, budget, etc) and the desired outputs (# of pageviews, price, etc).
Don't constrain the process between the input and the output--creativity will happen naturally here.

The more specific you are on inputs and outputs, the more likely you are to see creative alternatives (perhaps inputs you didn't realize you had--or ways that perhaps you can partner with others by restructuring the incentives.)