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Well I don't desire to start an argument, because there is a lack of biblical mandate to do children's ministry or student ministry.

However, I think practically the two things that come to my mind are:

Effectively preaching and teaching God's word (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Timothy 4:1-2)


to shepherd the flock of God (Ephesians 4:12; 1 Peter 5:2)

To me, in order to do those effectively to children as much as adults, we must have an environment to teach them and at the same time come alongside parents helping and guiding their parental roles.

I could be wrong about this but didn't children go to age specific areas in the temple for classroom instruction?

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that video is convicting. I don't remember where I saw it this past weekend, but I've been unable to get the primary vs. secondary discussion out of my mind.

Humbled by this example of glorifying Christ above all.

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Not so far... Shoot me an email or give me a call or skype or something. Let's chat!!

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I agree here. The information part is so important. Leaders want to know the why...

I would imagine that Peter's comment might have to do with the "new guy" treatment. It might take some hard conversations to figure out why they don't care about the why...

Number 4 Sam, to me is the most important on that list. Even asking the question before every piece of communication that you have: What media stream (letter, email, handout, slide, meeting) would best communicate the feeling that I want people to have about this message is a big first step.

Great post!

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My HS Pastor and I were talking this over and he explained the concept to me. Seems as if Discovering the why is a catalyst for long term productivity and effectiveness.

Hope your family is doing well. Hope to see you soon!

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great post.

Here are some things I've seen.

Myths that lead to problems:
1. Youth Leaders need to be hip.
2. Because of number 1, they must be young.
3. Because of number 2, they rarely have kids or know how to parent.
4. Because of 1-3 sometimes they have a difficulty viewing things from a parent's perspective rather than a programming perspective.

The sad thing is most people leave the church in the 18-24 range. And generally speaking the pastorate role that sees the most turnover is the youth pastor role. Is there a correlation???

Also, this is my experience, I'm 24 years old, I have nowhere near the experience of someone who has been in ministry longer than 5-7 years (I've been in it for 3). Leading at a high level takes investment from leaders. If you don't have a support system in place outside of your organization, then sometimes you will fall flat on your face. Youth Pastors are brought in for results and like a high level D-1 Football coach, sometimes they aren't given enough time to turn things around and put systems in place, or they don't understand the importance of putting systems in place.

Sorry for the blog as a comment :)

Great post as always Sam!!

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That's awesome.

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Thanks for keeping us updated.

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Sure man! Let's connect some time in the next few weeks! @jcisonline or email at jcisonline[at]gmail.com