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Awesome. Celebrating with you guys and praying for some amazing life-change from the message God shares through you.

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Great question. I, too, ask the same question as it relates to the singing segments of our elementary worship experience. One of our goals in our mid-hi experience is to transition the students from songs with dance moves (elementary experience) to songs with no orchestration at all (mid-hi experience). The dance moves in the elementary experience serve a variety of purpose that I support. ____1. They define acceptable movement for our youngest in the room. (i.e. jumping vs running)__2. They get kids up and moving to get the 'wiggles' out__3. They introduce potential worship postures (i.e. raising of hands, kneeling, etc) However, I own that these movements mean nothing if they are self-focused and not God-focused__If we can help our elementary kids transition from focusing on the moves to focusing solely on God then when they reach the mid-hi experience, worship songs without orchestration shouldn't be a difficult thing. Rather kids respond to these segments in their own personal worshipful way. ____A 'Love Train'... really? I won't go there.

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Maybe I'm lost in semantics. I think reading Packer and other theological authors are great... drowning in these books can be equally as 'silo-ing' if we don't strike a balance. This comes from a person that has read a smattering leadership books. (Frankly I prefer the executive summaries... takes far less time.)

I agree with what you're saying, Henry. We have to know the implications of what we teach in a group setting and in our one-to-one counseling. I'm challenged to dig in more. If the extent of our development as CM's is strictly leadership books, we short-change the audience to which we minister. Sad

Yet, ultimately, the value lies in our personal depth of Bible study. Not just reading, but actually study and digestion of His Word. We can all agree that nothing changes that. It's our love for the Word that translates in our communications and inspires others to love His Word, as well.

Thanks for the challenge

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However, I disagree with your reference to leadership. I don't think you intended to express this as something that never needs to be addressed but isn't the prominant need to the person doing kids ministry in the basement. I agree... most leading kidmin blogs talk loads about leadership. However, there are so many aspects of kids ministry that deal in leadership. Leadership of the parents (if they're in the picture) leadership of the lead pastor, and leadership of other volunteers (as they come into the picture). I don't think it matters just how small your ministry is... if you're desire is that it outlast you, then leadership must play a role.

That and $5 will get me my coffee from Sbux. :) You made me think. Curious how much of this I can apply to my blog. Thanks friend.

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You're right. Most CM peeps with blogs I read have a mod. to lrg ministry with an operating budget. This can alienate the scenario you reference above.

Though I don't fall in the 'guru' category, I admit that I blog from where I am. It's what I know. Maybe it's selfish, but I won't attempt to speak intellegently on something I have no experience in. Like trying to make kidmin happen in a basement on a zero budget. That's a true saint.

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This is an interesting point. I also grew up learning that all I have to do is have faith... everything is supposed to go downhill... we live in a fallen world. And in many ways these sentiments are true. We do live in a broken world that will increase in brokenness as time passes.

However, I think the thing we miss is that our source of life as we travel through this broken world is found in feeding the poor, clothing the hungry and housing the homeless. Our source of life is in communion with God praying His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. It's in being the connection between His wholeness and the worlds brokenness.

And you're right... making disciples and caring for those in need are not mutually exclusive. You can't do the former without the latter.

Good thoughts, Henry. Thanks for sharing

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I tend to lean more toward the commit focus b/c that seems to be where the action is. We like action. Right or wrong... we tend to celebrate action.

However, belief is the basis of commit. We need to teach our kids what to believe in... where to root their faith. What they commit to (actions) will be an offspring of what they believe.

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I like the outcomes. I would be tempted to leave off "to have an amazing life" from #3 only b/c 'amazing' is subjective. But if you accomplish #1 & #2 then the definition of 'amazing' should fall into place.

Curious how you will keep the focus on the 'know' as an active term. Your posts defining missional tell me that knowledge means nothing if action isn't a result. 15 years down the road, how do you suppose your predecessor will define 'know'?

We both know that unless it's rooted in the culture of the church it doesn't last beyond the generation that started it. Can you share with us how you will do this? Would love to hear your approach to ingraining these in your families.

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Like any false reality... the feeling doesn't last and is addicting. If I invest more in virtual friendships to the expense of those sitting across the table from me... I'm missing something of greater depth and significance.

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I love your thoughts. Interesting that as parents, the first question parents ask their kids is, "Did you have fun?". The primary argument parents give me when they don't want to send their child to kids church is, "They say they're not having fun."

The entertainment factor is important. It grabs their attention and keeps them engaged.

I appreciate Kathy's thoughts. I wouldn't define my childhood experience in church as fun. And I didn't care to go back. There must be an element that draws kids back and many times that element is fun.

I think the biggest challenge is making sure that Fun as a core value is not left up to interpretation. We work through volunteers. The further a volunteer gets from you, the more diluted the vision will be. Make sure that everyone in your ministry knows how you define it. Then be prepared for the parent that challenges your definition of fun when they (or their child) disagree.