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Good article GA.

“I would sell my soul to see another John Tyndall arise to lead us in our final battle”.

I Second that sentiment.
I met John a few times myself many years ago. Not on a close and personal relationship as you had with him, just at some of the marches/gatherings, and at Pawsons Road. I lived not far from the meeting house then, in Croydon.

A patriot and kinsman, the likes of which we are unlikely to see in our lifetime.

Link to an article by John from Spearhead. hope this link works)

I don’t comment much these days and haven’t for some time, as a lot of the comments reflect what I would have said anyway, and feel there’s no need to add my two pennerth. I come here every day though, to get the truth, before roaming around the online papers to see what bull s**t they have to offer.
I submit this comment now, not only to include the link from John’s Spearhead article, but to take the opportunity to offer you and Corsham Crusader my sincerest thanks for your hard work and all you have done to promote and push the Nationalist cause. Although your taking a well earned break by giving this up in the New Year, I expect you’ll be popping up here, there and everywhere and continuing to be a pain in the arse to all those who oppose and remain a threat to our well being. (Hope so)
On that note GA, and CC, I wish you a very happy Christmas and all the very best for the future.
Be lucky.

And a happy Christmas and New Year to all patriots out there.

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Judging by the way nationalist party's/movements/groups are performing currently, I would say you are the the main driving force of nationalism GA, and have been for a long time now. On the strength of that I will support, as best I can, any further venture you undertake.

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Democracy is now introduced via the B52 and cruise missile.
Maybe we just have to wait our turn to become democratic.

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No surprise there then. The zionists forming a new splitter party.
We will probably see more of this as Nationalism grows across Europe and the USA.
In fact all countries deemed to have a white indigenous population.
With an ever increasing number of people feeling disenfranchised by their governments and becoming more aware of what is going on they will seek out the alternatives. Especially as cuts bite deeper, their economies stagnate and they see the rich elite around them increase their wealth. They will see the only credible alternative is Nationalism – Social Nationalism to protect their interests and secure their future. The zionist’s know this. They are planning for it. They will form more and more splinter parties and movements in an attempt to split the Nationalist’s.
UKIP are doing it now. They not only garner support from disenfranchised tories, they also take votes from those who would vote for a Nationalist party if there was a credible party on offer. Of course, there is no credible Nationalist party at the moment. The only chance we had was the BNP, which was destroyed, as planned.
Zionist’s are panicking now and they are moving at some pace to retain the status quo.
With Israel having served it’s purpose and now past it’s sell by date, and the White House moslem mobilising the moslem brotherhood throughout North Africa (and beyond), they are crapping their pants that their power, control and days as world rulers are coming to an end. People are slowly waking up (at last).
There is massive change taking place on the worlds political stage.
The closet moslem will not back Israel in any confrontation with Iran. Bibi Netanyahu and his ilk know this. With Hagel being appointed as Secretary of Defense and reported as saying “I am a Senator of America and the American people”, the zionists tried everything to prevent him getting the position. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) are falling apart in Washington since their leader of choice, Mitt Romney, didn’t get the presidency, even though he had a multi million dollar campaign fund from these zionists. They were hoping with Romney as president the US would be at war with Iran in weeks. They were not reckoning on the Kenyan moslem getting a second term.Their vote rigging tactics were not quite as effective as the closet moslems.
With the closet moslems current stance on Israel, we can expect to see another false flag atrocity, either in the US or one of their bases, embassies or whatever somewhere else in the world. This, of course, will be blamed on Iran in an attempt to initiate a war between the US and that country. A war that us, and other European countries will be dragged into. This false flag will be a big one that will have to outshine 911. The moslem needs to watch his back as well as he may get the Kennedy treatment.
A lot of information regarding Israel’s current position in world politics can be found on Veterans Today. They tend to have a bias towards Press TV which reports mainly on Iranian and Middle Eastern issues and, like most blogs, whether the reader believes it or not is a matter of choice. There is a lot of weird and fanciful stuff out there, but VT do tend to include copies of documents and video clips that appear to support the narrative. Also, there is a reason why the West took down the satellite links to Press TV. Maybe they were reporting the truth and they couldn’t allow that to happen. People might find out stuff they shouldn’t. Like the true facts. Can’t have that.

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As wonderful as Cromwell’s famous address to parliament was it should not be forgotten, especially by nationalist’s, that it was he who initiated the resettlement of jews in England
In the interest of historical accuracy I feel the BDP, as a nationalist group/party should have included this in their article. But I fear a comment of this nature would be moderated so as not to upset the usual suspects.
It’s early days yet but they seem to be tip-toeing around the main issues that concern true white Brits.
Time is too short for pussy footing around with gradual, long term change and trying to educate people to get them on side. We have wasted too many years trying it this way and are nowhere. It is now time to change tactics. Give them the truth. Hit them hard regardless of the pain. Give it to them straight; blunt, open and in your face. They must be made aware that denying the urgent need for National Socialism in this country and across the whole of Europe, is denying them a chance of a secure future.
Having said that I wish the BDP all the luck in the world and hope they go on to be a powerful, nationalist force. We desperately need it and we need it quick.

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It took them two goes to disarm our population.
First was the Firearms Amendment Act 1988 following the Hungerford shootings in August 87, when Michael Ryan shot up the town after reportedly killing his mother. This act led to the banning of semi automatic rifles and multi shot shotguns. Apart from the odd petition and protests from gun clubs, there was not much of a hue and cry over this as most of the population didn't own guns. But handguns could still be legally held.
Second was the Firearms Amendment Act (No2) of 1997. This followed the Cullen Report calling for the ban on all private ownership of handguns after Thomas Hamilton shot up the primary school in March 1996
These two acts effectively disarmed the population. As planned.
America has always had a greater gun culture than we ever had. Most of the population own guns of one kind or another and the protests for banning these will be far and wide. How many goes will they need to achieve their objective? I think we can expect to see more atrocities like Sandy Hook.

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Glad you put this up GA. I read it on their site a little while ago. All good stuff, that needs to spread across the whole of Europe. Lets hope Golden Dawn are the inspiration and example that others will follow.

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I was going to join Britain First, but thought I'd wait a while to see how they would develop. I Supported their early petitions and campaigns, as I felt every little helps, but didn't get to sign up. I'm glad I didn't now, the way it's panned out. So I'm still homeless as a Nationalist. Nowhere to 'ang my 'at, you might say. I'll probably have another 'at later when we pull the crackers. After all it is funny 'at week. Shame that most of those 'ats are shaped like a crown. On that note I wish you all a very happy funny 'at week, or, keeping with tradition, a very happy Christmas.

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The biggest threat to this country are the puppet politicians who allow, encourage and condone the Africans and moslems to come here. Any rastus, winston and abdul can wash up on our shores and be treated as an endangered species. They're housed, fed, issued with spending money and, as the article say's, have loads of kids. White genocide indeed.