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The only problem I see with that is Microsoft will have a store predominantly stocked with non-Microsoft hardware and software, entirely unlike Apple as you said. That completely defeats the purpose of having a so-called Microsoft Store. They might as well call the store Egghead as was suggested by one of the linked-to blogs. Or Fryes. Etc.

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While I would just love for at least a better form of integration of Apple and Microsoft, I find it hard to believe that many people outside of the true geeks would really benefit from Linux usage. Imagine the costs to hire an effectively trained workforce to troubleshoot desktop Linux!

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In all seriousness, would you rather DoD be running Vista over XP?

Many DoD commands, including the whole of the Air Force, have already migrated to Office 2007. Just because NMCI and ONE-NET are behind the power curve doesn't mean the rest of DoD is in the same proverbial boat. ;-)

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Thanks for the kind words on the design. Unfortunately, it is not currently available.

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Glad you like the domain name. We thoroughly enjoy the domain!

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Gentoo rocks. Been in love with that distro ever since it was first released. Too bad it's kinda gone to the dogs lately.

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Completely agreed on the Windows 7 interface, especially compared to the Windows Vista interface. I never was a fan of Vista however the minor nuances modified in the interface appear to make Windows 7 a much more usable product over its predecessor.

The reason nobody is complaining about the OS X kernel is because with the introduction of OS X Apple had switched the entire operating system to a brand new system based on BSD. There is no real compelling reason to make major modifications to the existing OS X kernel. Why do you believe Apple should make changes to the kernel?

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Good point about nobody doing anything truly revolutionary in the operating system space. Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu, et al are really just polishing their OS while adding new features here and there - by and large there is no paradigm shift taking place yet. I think we're years away from such a move - there's no compelling reason for a paradigm shift yet.

So far I've been impressed with Windows 7 in my testing. It is far more usable than Vista without all the annoyances and some added features. I really wonder how the masses are going to react and what type of market share Windows 7 will take away from OS X, if any. Apple has the mindshare of the current generation so it is going to be interesting methinks.

BTW, thanks for stopping by Newks. Was not expecting to see you around this part of town. ;-)

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Glad you're enjoying the articles around here John. Please pass along any suggestions you may have which can help up improve the site.


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My stereo system has an RCA input for both audio (both channels) and video. I have an Apple cable which plugs in to the dock connector on the iPod side and the 3 RCA inputs on the other. It also has a USB cable as well, which I plug in to the lighter using a special USB to lighter power cable - so the iPhone stays charging constantly.

The music is then piped through the car stereo system. I can do the same with streaming audio, iPod music or even video's on the iPod. It rocks!