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Linux still has Gimp, which is great for minor photo editing. I've seen people create crazy stuff with Gimp.

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I had a similar thought when it came to buying products there. You have a problem with your Apple product, they can handle the problem at the Apple Store.

You have a problem with your HP desktop, they do what at the MS Store? Give you the IT number for HP? Unless Microsoft is planning on making some warranty pack like most tech stores, I think it will become more of a headache than a boost in sales.

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As I respect your opinion in the matter Rene, I find it hard to believe that the iPod is a horrible inferior product just because Apple will exchange a broken iPod for a new one. If we are to play the typical Wintel argument of marketshare, than the iPod wins hands down. (Look at Apples increase in iPod sales this last quarter) Apple focuses on good customer service over the price hit they would take. (ex. ipod exchanges, giving Final Cut away from free via email request, ect)

And as Scott said, he works in a Windows environment, but still prefers Mac over Wintel machines.

As a side note, my last Mac laptop lasted 5 years, and was able to run every OS update without any problems what-so-ever.

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The idea of tools in the cloud is a great idea, but I tend to use those services via desktop tools.

And as a sub-note, I try to avoid using too much RSS as I can get distracted easily. Not a good thing when clients want their order complete! I tend to visit the acual site I enjoy reading more than using RSS.

I know, old school right?

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Thanks Scott. Seeing as how I am taking the step into the blogsphere, I needed a little direction. After some thought, I think I may start organizing posts with Scrivener.

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What right does our work place have to instruct us on how to setup our personal profiles. Setting over the line.

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I'm never without my Mac, so I haven't had that problem. I do have one Windows box contected to a 19" LCD outside my office displaying my calendar via Sort of getting me a run down of my day.

If I ever needed a contact from my address book, I would probably pull it from or just pull out my iPhone.

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Yes Apple does. I was just as surprised, because I thought I had lost my username (which I use pretty much everywhere) but there is a radio button asking if you want to start where you left off when you activate MobileMe.

And I also use Gmail, nothing better in my opinion, but I use it in Mail with IMAP. So Mail pulls from Address Book. Thus I have never really looked at my Gmail Contacts.

But definitely! Seeing as how I have really only played with MoblieMe & DropBox for over the air syncing, I would love to hear what you find out in depth about NuevaSync.

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I had the free trail for awhile, but had a huge headache when it came to syncing my Calendars. When it came time for me to pay, I dropped it and went back to syncing my Address Book via USB cable.

Lucky for me, a family member bought me a one year subscription for Christmas. I do love the service, haven't had too many battery problems like you mentioned, and had my Calendar problem fixed. (If you stop your free trail Apple keeps your account in their database. It was easy for me to get my account right back online)

Main thing for me is I don't use any of the Google services. If you use only Apple services, than MobileMe might be worth it for you, but don't bother if you prefer Google's services. Stick with NuevaSync. I do believe Apple needs to lower the costs of the service though.