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A former NY23rd volunteer explains why she likes Herman Cain: http://WhyHermanCain.com/2011/11/11/why-i-like-he...

Worth the read.

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So making a video public that was created at a public university is somehow wrong? I hope the author of this work explains. I'd like to hear.

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Does anyone have the court case that requires you to have the professor's permission prior to recording in the classroom? This video series is an extreme, but may show an effective tool in combating the bias that permeates higher education.

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Of course, the clock for "Roecker's Bar and Grill" isn't ours, but it's creative.

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It is the American people that lead this country, not our elected officials. This is a good token to honor the people of the United States, but should not be considered abnormal. Citizens of this country need to continue to "wake up" and demand proper representation.

We should use this opportunity to bring up the constitution in our conversations with whom we associate and encourage people to discover for themselves what it means. Don't depend on your elected officials. YOU are the sovereign of the nation.

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Please remove comments from this post. Nothing more needs to be said than what the music communicates. This song should not be distractacted or detracted from. IMHO.

-Jacob Roecker
Operation Iraqi Freedom

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The publishing contract is not exclusive!

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I'd just like to be able to get a hold of either one of them. I can't seem to find them on FB, and I wish I could.

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We're going to be doing all 50 states. Richard, do you have a good email address where we can get a hold of you?