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It's not just Hollywood. A relative of mine, a Paulbot, randomly came to me one day a few years ago and asked if I was aware that the (then-newly-released) song "Warrior" by Kid Rock was "really an Army National Guard recruitment propaganda tool?" He was disgusted.

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Yes, there are both male and female versions. It's "blessed" and embroidered with Mormon symbols, and is supposed to protect you from temptation or the forces of evil or something like that. They call them "garments" and wearing them 24/7 is a requirement of being considered "Temple Worthy."

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Serious question: Why are Santorum's comments regarding evil at a Catholic gathering 4 years ago news, and the theology behind Mitt the Temple-worthy Mormon's undergarments not? It's kind of the same deal.

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*eye roll* what are the odds he's also affiliated with Oathkeepers? My guess is, pretty darn good.

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2000, I believe.

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I didn't follow him for his politics....

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I remember commenting to people how odd it was that I first heard of OBL's death from The Rock's twitter. The man does love his country. I remember when he spoke at the RNC. Brought the house down.

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" It was meant to be a message about just about job growth and the spirit of America."

That's how I took it.

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When it happens at Penn State, the school should be shut down. When it happens at a local public school....crickets and coverup.

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My favorite Hitchcock. And Olivier. You can't do much better.