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Michael Medved has covered this film extensively on his radio show, including having both Martin and Emilio on. Medved loves the film and has strongly promoted it to his conservative audience.

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I was wondering why you haven't done much in the way of posting lately. You've been busy!

Best of luck with the film. I will be certain to make some time to see it if it plays in Austin.

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He's correct, although as noted below, Rowan's not the only one.

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I was never a huge Whitney Houston fan, but the three or four of her songs I liked, I absolutely _loved_. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" gave me goosebumps when it first came out and does to this day. It's the giddy happiness, mixed with longing, and a brilliant vocal that sounds easy but is damn near impossible. I've seen people try it a time or two on singing competition shows, and every time I said, "No, you can't touch this one." They never have.

Here's a song you've probably never heard. It's Whitney on lead vocal on a number by the experimental band Material, about three years before she hit the big time.

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To be fair, getting your ass kicked a few times is a great way to learn how to fight. A young Kirk would likely have had to go through that a time or two. Character development.

Not saying the movie was perfect, but that didn't bother me.

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Was about to write the same thing. Wholeheartedly seconded. This nearly-forgotten movie is terrific, and Shatner is terrific in it.

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Rush was talking about that just the other day, how Shatner had played an obvious stereotype of him and how they later ended up getting along pretty well and watching Monday Night Football together.

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I'm pretty sure Yale's endowment can handle it.

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The Alamo (that a few have already mentioned) does have a multiplexes (well, up to six screens) and they show all kinds of movies. I saw Toy Story 3 at the Alamo. It's how you run it. Operationally, they're fantastic--I did a paper on them when getting my MBA. The culture they instill is important, too. They let it be known that talkers will be booted!

I've been there hundreds of times and I've never seen it come to that. The non-drinking theater down the road is a lot more irritating.

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Yes it does! Mr. Nolte, If you'd like a great movie-going experience with delicious food and others drinking beer (even though you may not), come to Austin. This is how it's done, and they're making money hand-over-fist as a result. (It ain't cheap, though.)

(For you hardcore cult fans out there, I saw Blood Freak, the killer turkey movie with the former Tarzan actor, at the Alamo just before Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!)

Steve, the UP in your name doesn't happen to stand for Upper Peninsula, does it?