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I thought your last list was terrible - Ben, you are a moron, please stop publishing your idiocy.

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn? IDIOT

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CACTUS FLOWER is a comedy gem. She was amazing!

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How can she only be #8?! That's nonsense, Bergman needs to be at the top spot. Ever since seeing her in GASLIGHT, she has been my favorite actress of all time. She is probably the most beautiful woman who ever lived, and she had just as much talent. Even 3 Oscars was not enough, she deserved more. LOVE this woman.

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Great job, Mark!

Hollywood, at its best, is an industry town, not an ideological one. In the past decade, they have chosen ideology over business sense. The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action with the hope of getting a different result - Hollywood made bomb after bomb with anti-war films, and CONTINUE to do so! Meanwhile, conservative books top the Best Seller lists, and Fox News is the most watched new channel BY FAR. If Hollywood was thinking in terms of business, we would have already seen a Vince Flynn book adaptation, and Marcus Lutrell's story. Those would make so much money!

Also, love the stuff about Ft. Hood. I was a military brat growing up, and as much as I love our soldiers, I don't love our military. It really is just another government bureaucracy, and that's exactly how Hasan was able to "slip through the cracks." Like any government agency, it is extremely difficult to fire someone in the military, unless they break a law. So it is not surprising to me that Hasan's less than stellar record still allowed him to make it to the rank of Major. It was also not surprising that the military (and the FBI) dragged their feet on Hasan's questionable contacts (al qaeda, for example) because it really does take that long to get ANYTHING done in the military!

Thanks for including the unborn child, he/she was just as much a victim as the others who died.

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Nice article! I love the show's premise, but I'm so glad you included the section about the show's technical workings. I wanted to like THE WANTED, but was so turned off by fake conversations, and the forced tension. I'll DVR it to lend support for the idea, but I probably won't watch it unless they do some re-working.

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This is my favorite Fiorentino flick. Another nice little gem is WHERE THE MONEY IS, with Paul Newman.

I wish there were a few more movies where the bad guy gets away. It's so much fun!

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What an interesting choice of films for this site!
Damage is an amazing film - I saw this years ago.

What is it about affair movies that we love? And when do we root for the cheating couple? I remember in The English Patient, loving the Almasy and Katherine couple. Even though I knew her poor husband didn't deserve the pain, I was so in love with this couple.

What do you guys think?

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Great, can't wait to read it!

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I went to the LAFF screening! Read about my experience at the event here:


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Okay, I only saw bits and pieces of Dogville. I didn't care for it. In Manderlay, I know that BDH is raped, and they play the same character. Hmm..