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Unfortunately, Austin's movie scene is two lefty professionals given Hollywood marching orders/budgets and a thousand lefty UT dropout auteurs hiring their amateur actor friends to emote through mumblecore art flicks. It's San Francisco but with friendlier people and better BBQ.

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True. If leftists read memoirs from soldiers that fought rather than the flowery prose of an embedded journalist with an ax to grind against American imperialism, their ridiculous "soldiers are dummies that don't know why they fight" memes would crumble.

Case in point: "House to House" is considered to be THE firsthand account of Fallujah. Even the platoon's resident lefty Democrat in the book--who bitches about Dubya and claims his pirated copy of "Fahrenheit 911" is pure fact--never has a speech to the other soldiers about how he can't pull the trigger to murder poor innocent people in a foreign land solely to steal their oil. It's a laughable wish fulfillment fantasy dreamed up by limp, faux intellectual writers about speaking truth to power or whatever bumper sticker slogan is in fashion this week.

Hey, the more I think about it: Why hasn't anyone made a movie of "House to House" yet?

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I haven't seen the guy's Broadway gigs, but in all of those Harry Potter movies, he's the weakest of the leads--especially once they became teenagers. Radcliffe was lucky that his parents had movie industry connections and had the right look for the part. Neither he nor Emma Watson are anything other than "okay" in those roles.

If we're being honest, Rupert Grint is the one of those three leads that's shown any measurable range of acting in those movies (comedic, dramatic, romantic, etc.). Then again, he had to be better than the other two in acting because he couldn't coast on his looks or his connections.

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In a column about the "Star Wars" Blu-ray release, an entertainment blogger claimed that George Lucas' friends describe his "personal humor is one of 'getting your goat'; teasing meant to elicit outrage and vocal dissent."

That means if you're someone that bought those re-re-re-edits every time they came out on a new media format and then were outrageously outraged about how cheated you felt, George Lucas just laughed because the joke's on you.

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The Tharks look... puny. I imagined them as powerful four-armed giants with elephantine tusks and green skin. These things look like every other CGI alien developed since 2007.

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Dear Hollywood,

Please stop trying to force Zoe Saldana and Rashida Jones on us. They are neither exotic nor memorable in any of their roles.


Everyone Over the Age of Fourteen (or, if you are privately schooled, age nine)

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" the September of her years..."

You should look for a more recent photo. It's more like "late November."

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My take: They will screw this up... The real question is: "How badly will they screw this up?"

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Great interview, Carl. I was going wait until the Blu-ray came out to see Exporting Raymond, but now I'll make the extra effort to see it at the cineplex when Sony gives it a wider release.

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Exactly right.