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Well let me be the first to congratulate you and wish you the best! You are welcome to post here anytime you want. I'll leave the light on for ya.

Room for Rent!

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we'll I didn't follow its development closely and had no idea all of these awesome bullet pts were part of the single player game. i was VERY pleasantly surprised. I can recall talk about not including original SC units in the game like Vultures and Goliaths and the like but it looks like they made their way into single player which is a pretty cool compromise if you ask me.

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well not being a RTS fan stay away from bnet games completely....real players will eat you for breakfast (as they do to me...every time i try :))

but the single player however is absolutely awesome. even if you aren't the biggest RTS fan, this one is worth checking out...see if a friend has it and demo it on their account (each account has 3 guest slots) or perhaps blizzard will make some sort of demo version of the game like they do for the World of Warcraft 15 day trail and what not.

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Call to auction. Best podcast out there for smart gold tips.

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haha...i approve of this post.

seriously i woke up one day with the odd feeling of accomplishing a bucket list item of learning a foreign language. that foreign language happened to be auctioneer.

listen to podcasts, read blogs (expand past the top 2-3 gold making ones for some really juicy tips), visit forums, and at all costs, avoid (or figure out how to leverage to YOUR advantage) gold tips posting on HUGE wow sites like and mmo-champion. once everybody knows a secret...profits go poof!

I didn't quite have to buy a guide but I did subscribe to a site that offered HQ how to videos which showed me the auctioneer settings I wasn't looking at....almost the same :)

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for the longest time when playing vanilla wow, my guildies would always say some four letter word that got filtered when they leveled. i was really confused but never asked. it wasn't until i turned the language filter off that i realize they weren't really droppin bombs when they leveled.

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I'd crap my robes if I saw an armored bat like that hopping towards me.


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This is the one guy I've ever conversed with...and I knew the reply would just egg him on anyway but wanted to point out don't assume the other guy (me) will quit just because he tells you too. Especially when an statistics inspection shows I make more then him.

I didn't want to hear your guys take ( on how to deal with people who are actively trying to edge you out of markets. Perhaps in a future show? Love the podcast! I listen to every episode.

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Grats on the ding and on the Scythe. I got it on my DK...where it's completely useless. They at least could set the stupid thing to BoA.

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well i think even the full paid for mobile ah limits to only 250 posts a day. if you are in undercutting glyph market, you need to relist like 200+ auctions over 10x a day. believe me I was wanting to use some web scripting to automate things vai the remote AH when i heard about it but i think blizzard knew ppl would do that. its great for listing big items (epic crafting, battered hilts, and others) but not bulk categories.

as far as his intake you can right click anyone and "compare achievements" then click on the statistics tab and scroll down until you see "Average Gold earned per day". There is also an addon that tells how much you've healed before and it "might" get as detailed as to mention these other gold metrics such as Avg/Day and Gold income from AH.