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PS.. I hate you!

I had to follow a few of the links.. my feedreader has been at 1,000+ unread now for going on 6 weeks and you give me this!

ffs ;-)

Very nice choices...
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ffs.. I only say fs when it matters.. like in Ulduar...

I must say when I let rip with it, and it's rare, it's pointed and deserved... I have the full statement roaring through my mind, but somehow think I am keeping the mindless animal at bay with 3 simple letters.

bad pug stories.. I have a million of them.. so many I just take screenshots rather than writing while I ghost run... tomorrow I will change that... a nice pug story... gotta have one for the month.. don't I?

ffs these guys were good.. people.. excellent people.
My recent post It’s the Tank’s Fault!

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Not your fault.. simple.

AoE is the order of the day this expansion.. though making sure you are on the tanks targets and they have threat helps ;-)

I often get blasted my my Shammy mate for AoE threat.. the same one that is constantly pulling aggro off the tank, and is usually the 1st to die. I do a personal inventory... did I do anything bad, or did the stars just align...

Most of the tips are covered but.
1) You are not the Healer's bodyguard... that's the tanks role... however that said, you should protect the healer if the tank is otherwise occupied or ignorant of the problem. (This is an important point that someone put me on once when my regular tank was average, and so was my DPS... I was so busy caring for the healer, I wasn't doing damage)
2) If a mob is casting at your healer and the tank cant get at it... CounterSpell and run to the tank. The counterspell will cause them to melee, it's high threat so it come to you, but as you are at the tank they will play there instead.
3) Frost Nova at the feet of the healer may not be the best idea... then the mob is in max aggro range (110%) of your healer and the tank has to come to you/the healer.
Instead Fireblast, Blastwave, AE, CoC, IceLance etc to get it's attention and run to the tank.
4) As mentioned above, when you reach the tank, Fost Nova and blink back where you came from... then you will be back at 130% threat zone and the tank can play beat the mob into submission.
5) If you do pull aggro with your AoE.. you may take some hits, which you don't really want. Run to meet the mobs and frost nova, then get out of there. Running to the tank makes it quicker for them to reach and control them, and keeps them out of the healers 110% threat zone. If you have to run the whole way back to the tank, bounce along with some AEs to keep them on you and away from the healer spamming to save someone's life.

Finally.. I have run CoT a few times now... some groups that should trounce the place just fail... it only takes a distracted moment moment for AoE goodness to become AoE terror followed by a wipe. Don't lose sleep over it!

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1) Grats!
2) Good move...
3) You wont get any further ahead now... your stuck at 80... Run the Heroics to your hearts content.

If you knew you would get BiS pre-raid gear on the 1st trip through each instance, then you, you should wait... But that's unlikely to happen... so start now.. anything you pick up now will mean less issues later...

And of course... craft, PvP, Rep quests etc...
Worst case, work out what he needs once he hits 80 (mats wise) and go grind it somewhere that is mutually beneficial

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Happy Birthday!

I don't know that I will get round to sending you any screenies... but I can't wait to see the Magely Fantastic cake... actually wouldn't mind a piece of it either... but that's probably a buit harder to arrange...

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Invis... awesome
Mana regen... awesome...


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Everytime a DK kills a Mage, a little of the Magic in the world disappears...

Evertime a Mage kills a DK.... we all Cheer... Yay!

Grats on the kill, especially against an 80!

Now you have the scent of blood, there will be no stopping you tracking down the other kills you want.

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lol, you aren't a real Gnome!

Where are the achievement screenshots? We want shinies!

I am envious... there are so many outland achievements I could get.. if only I had the time to go back... right about now I wish I wasn't 80, so I had the excuse to chase them... "Sure guys, I am racing to 80... just one more achievement left to get here".

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I leveled all the way through 80 in my Kara/badge gear without a problem. I might have replaced a couple of things, a cloak here, a trinket there... but these weren't necessary.

Azeroth Advisor told me the entire time that I was ahead of the average Mage on every stat apart from Spirit and Stam...

If you are Arcane, you wont need to do anything... hit 80, hit the heroics/raids and get your gear then. Your Arcane DPS in TBC gear will probably be better than my FFB DPS in WoLK gear.

Which really means you can pick and choose your leveling path too... no need to pug it out in pre-80 instances if you don't want to, just grind or quest.

As it was I think the dailies probably deprived me of two zones of content... it was all so fast.

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Feedreaders = great.
It's a shame when people only post a partial feed.. they don't realise it is turning readers away rather than winning them. If you can't read at work... you just wont read.
Just be careful of your feedreading addiction... I never have less that 300 posts, often 1,000+ after a weekend... I never quite knock them over.

Hitting little dragons is much easier than big ones...
I am guessing, but it will come down to the level difference between you and the dragon.
Most likely you have wisely expended you energy getting +spell power gear... at 67, you now need to split your attention... start looking for +hit gear to augment your gear..
You only really need this for the big fellas... each level above yours is harder to hit (or easier to miss), thus you need +hit gear to level the playing field.

I don't have the numbers at my finger tips... I am sure Aurdon does.. otherwise try wowwiki.