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I bought one of these once, and with much struggling, managed to get both colors on my nails. Turned out I liked it better with just the one color. Both of these are really pretty, so if you didn't pay too much for them, I'd say keep them.
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Llarowe orders are going to happen with pretty much every paycheck I get now.

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I've been trying real hard to be like "whatever, he'll come back, he always comes back" because this isn't the FIRST time Chuck has done this and definitely not the first time I've freaked out on everyone to be more careful with the cats.

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Oh, you haven't seen the last of me! For one, the Iron Mule is located right inbetween our works, and lord knows if you're working for the hell hole, you will occasionally need a beer. Plus, Breaking Bad will premier soon and I highly doubt the douchebags that make up the mortgage industry will have any interest in that. I will need to talk to SOMEONE about it.

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Girl, I got beef with them right now. Don't give those greedy fuckers anything.

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Job market is a sonofabitch, ya know?

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I know! I feel so bad, it's not fair. I mean, he was totally unhappy there and they had just cut his pay, so things were looking bad anyway, but still. So unexpected.

We're all gonna sit down and have a group talk about our options or something eventually, but I really, really hope I don't have to leave.

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... I don't understand.

No, but really, I usually delete a lot of the ONTD and militant Atheist-esque posts.