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He's the one who plays Arnold in Terminator Salvation, except his face is replaced with CGI Arnold.

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Emma Stone....very hot. Plus Amber Heard is in this. Extra hotness. As for the movie, it looks fun.

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Will these appear in the actual movie?

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I think the one I go to is BS. If there is by any chance anyone living in Vancouver, BC, going to Riverport, give me a shout out what you think. I think the screen might be the same size but just taller and the seats are closer to the screen, the room is tighter so you feel like the screen is big. I'm not sure if mine is a fakie but sound and picture are excellent. After this IMAX controversy, and last time I saw a film in IMAX was watchmen, and they just increased the price when I went to buy tickets for transformers. I still feel like IMAX is excellent probably not worth the extra money considering how they might be ripping you off. Asking the theater people how big the screen is...they probably don't know either and it seems kind of geeky.

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I love how the guys in the last pic are smiling too.

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This guy might be on to something. I think this theory might be right and Sam Raimi just wanted a small commentary on this whole subject about eating disorders. Maybe it was not supposed to fit in all nicely. I was always wondering after seeing this movie, why are there so many moments involving the mouth and food?

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Mila Kunis, Amber Heard, and Emma Stone...

Jizz in my pants.

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I don't think it affects studios that much. Yes, pirating is stealing, taking away profits but how much is it really compared to how much studios actually make? Look at Wolverine, 80 something million opening weekend which I think was expected, it dropped significantly because the movie sucked. Look at Taken, the dvd was released in other countries and put online. That movie was surprisingly successful. The situation is hard to judge. People don't want to risk seeing a bad movie. Crappy movies are just crappy? Or is it because studios think they're losing a lot of money and are making all these bad choices now about their films?

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Many filmmakers these days say that their big budget films focus on character too with a great script and not all about big special effects/action. I thought with the addition of Edward Norton and lots of work done on the script, The Incredible Hulk would not be one of those empty blockbusters but turns out the script seemed to be mediocre, nothing special. Same with Terminator Salvation. We all thought with Christian Bale and lots of work done on the script, the crew would be right about it being a character movie too but the script was probably its weakest part of the film.

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Ohhhh this explains why the running time from my theater's website says its 2 hours and 31 minutes. This is awesome and kind of odd first time that it's done. However, general audiences will probably not know about this if they don't make some kind of announcement on TV?