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How can anyone say England is not a Police state? That said, she probably would have evaded arrest if the video clip hadn't gone viral on the Internet. This country is really sad. It hates itself to a degree that I haven't seen elsewhere in the world, and our people are riddled with traitors from top to bottom.

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This man reminds me of Nick Clegg, who recently said that 'racism should be met with a steel fist'. By that he doesn't mean racism against whites. He more or less espouses the idea of an anti-white tyranny. Clegg cares about as much as his own people as the Croydon Central MP above.

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Normal person, you are only 'normal' in the sense that like so many English people, you don't care about your own bretheren. Although Emma Wests rant was crude and inarticulate, it doesn't change the fact that she is unhappy about being outnumbered by ethnic 'minorities' in her own country. Remember Croydon wasn't always the way it is now, and it was major focal point during the summer riots. Sometimes peoples emotions can just flare up spontaneously when they feel desperate and that nobody cares about their welfare or the future of the country. London will soon be majority non-white, is that something to celebrate?

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What Griffin said about the KKK i.e. that David Duke was in a non-violent chapter of it was essentially true, but he didn't go on to say that it was a youthful transgression of Duke which he has since put behind him. In short Griffin bungled his response to become a figure of fun, but to be fair with a hostile impatient audience rigged to be against any form of British patriotism, he was in the lions den.

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You couldn't make this stuff up. I think I understand Brownies much vaunted points system now. You get awarded a point if you're an illegal immigrant!

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I try to avoid discussions in the workplace on this issue because if the ensuing debate gets too heated then it can interfere with other aspects of your working relationship. But your colleauge doesn't sound too bright from his overreaction and has demonstrated he can't have a mature rational discussion with you. I think politics should be avoided in the workplace, but if anyone insists it's ok to talk politics in their office then it shouldn't be up to leftists to decide what can be said.

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The interview was ok but the CNN lady asked 'are you a racist party' at least twice. Can there be a day when the media refrain from using that obligatory question, or at least pose it in a more appropriate manner such as 'what is your policy on non-indigenous Britons?'

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Lionheart, those countries you listed are also losing their identity fast and the United States is not part of the Commonwealth.

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I would hope she doesn't sue him as that only panders to the paranoid PC culture the BNP is opposed to, where the slightest offensive verbal remark is worthy of exploitation. It was just rude of Brown to say that, and by revealing his contempt for the ordinary public he scored a huge own goal.

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Once again the BNP sets the record straight. At first I couldn't understand why the party would take an unnecessary risk by placing a Marmite jar on it's pre-election broadcast, but it seems it was done unofficially by a joker. While I don't think any supporter of the party should play such pranks during an election campaign, I think Unilever have some nerve to threaten the BNP for an internet video when they have already released a hostile politicised TV advert. Just as well I don't like Marmite. Mind you, I wonder if Marmite will see a boost in sales from this affair?