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Al Gore sits on the board of Apple and is the largest investor in Google to date!

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Little tip Glenn Beck was forced to take down the Vent from his page, because the truth was being told there!
Corporate arms of The ACORN Obama connection forced it's removal. Read the wikis and see for yourself!

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Because the left wing conspiracy is run by major Corporations not politicians.
This is a major player in the game
He was one of the people the FTC was investigating but suddenly dropped the case for no reason at all.
Another major player
And another
Notice all are advisers to the O !
Apple shares board members with G.E. And even knows about G.E. selling bomb parts to Iran want some proof?
<img src="" border="0" alt="WTF itunes user agreement">
Apple knows that their iPhones and iPodTouches are being used to detonate IED's that contain G.E. parts. Bill O'Rielly knows this but will not report it!

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Sorry to inform you but Glenn and Bill are not telling you the whole truth. They are covering up for the corporate branches of the ACORN Obama network. I have provided them with proof of connections between Apple, Google, Amazon and G.E.
All these corps share board members, and all four corps CEOs are advisors to the current administration. They even wrote the user agreement that made anyone that logged on's computer government property! They are presently pushing to remove the personal inofmation gathering blocks currently inplace for your on line saftey!
Obama is just the puppet people. Stop focusing on him. He is the magicians distraction you are suppossed to pay attention too.

Take a minute or two and look into the wikis for the CEOs and board members of the aforementioned corporations. You will be shocked at what you find!

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Yes be very alert! How come this basic post was removed from the iPhone bolg!!!!!!

Also I would like to bring it peoples attention that this exact backdoor is what Apple and Amazon used to remove the George Orwell books almost two weeks ago. Apple had Loopt and WeatherBug pull from their descriptions the first week of the App Stores opening mentioning of this exact backdoor. They said for users on limited SMS plans to be aware that the apps used the Apple SMS Protocol to send and receive data invisibly and to watch for overage charges on limited SMS message plans when using the aforementioned apps!

I don't know about you, but my midichlorians are going crazy over here. Something does not smell kosher!

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Sounds like taxation without representation.

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There is ALWAYS HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know I am blunt and to honest. I am also too giving, even at my own fault. But I didn't bring this subject up, and all I can do is tell you about my life. I can not speak for any of you. Or can I? Enter into an adult conversation with me, and I bet you I start answering your questions before you ask them. Try me.

What have you got to lose?

You're already just sitting here at the computer.
For hours.
I know you watch the tv too. Relax I'm not saying you are addicted to the computer.
Geez put your feelings away for just one second.

See there's this attitude and it's rampant. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.

I'm right huh moms. And you really thought I wasn't talking to you.

For those of you that are not stay at home moms. I wasn't talking to you, and I know you will think I am crazy, but I bet you the moms find this today and start answering like crazy.

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Out of all the things I understand. I could not understand why any GOD would continue and continue and continue to allow a grown man that was a golden glove boxer in the merchant marines come home drunk and want to punch people around.

But I know now that it made me who I am today. I learned extremely early that it was better for it to be me than my mother or younger brother. Couldn't always be the one, but I did what I had to to make sure it was me if anyone. I always did my brothers chores for him before I did mine.

This state we are in. It's all our faults, because we went to the magic show. we asked for the illusion.

Ok I'm being a little to critical again. But it is our DUTY to fix the problems. DUTY people. The government is not working for you. That mean you have to make it a point to get to know your neighbor. The hole country is your home. ACT LIKE IT!

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I can't say how many times I had heard that song before, but I know I never actually listened to it before that moment.

GOD Talks to each and everyone of us everyday, YOU just have to be open to what he/she is saying, and how he/she is saying it.

I know for me when I earnestly ask the answer is instantaneous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long as I don't have my head up my rear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I admit it I do have my head up there sometimes. Funny thing is you'd think a person would be able to tell when they have their own head up their rear. I mean the act of bending that way would have to hurt. The fact of something that large going in there would have to hurt!

But still everyone seems to be able to do it with such ease. That in it's self has to be a miracle.

And to those that will get offended that I made a joke about miracles. GOD has a sense of humor. That is evident from the state of the world today, because it's as easy as having an open honest adult conversation with no hidden agendas to fix it.

For those that don't believe. Hey I felt that way too for a really long time.