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Good look asking for the "purple pony" now! Mwahaha!
They'll probably give you Pinkie Pie too.

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I don't know why you would bother pretending to want the happy meal when you just want the toy. The cost difference is a pretty big deal. I've had employees flat out just give me the toy for free before. They're supposed to just charge you like $2 though.

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Oh? That's great. Are you Joshua Crapo, the musician? Are you guys keeping it hush-hush on purpose?

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Looks like the comments were derped.
I'll repeat my hesitance about Pinkie's Journey not just being fan art. Absolutely adorable fan art. And the chip music is inspired.
But I'm pretty sure the "it's going to be a real game" is based off of the artist's misunderstanding of the music maker.

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"Looks like we've got a new game in development! " Um... are you sure?

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I had to google 'MLP "Vanilla Rose"'. The first result informs me this is actually Snowdrop's mother.

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I don't think that gray is depressing at all. It's a very light, almost vibrant kind of gray. It's blue in tint; a cool gray. The yellow definitely helps bring that out though. It gives the room a cool color and a bright color. I could even see them leaving the walls these colors as she grows up because they wouldn't look too out of place for an older child's room.

I wish we had a better view of the window valance though: it's got a little Derpy in the middle with muffins to each side.

Edit: Derp, I missed the very first image of the post!

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I'm both relieved and disappointed she's not Sweeten Sour.

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I didn't think about it, but you're right, the griffons probably need some kind of magic for their flight as well. Mythological creatures probably got that going for them.

I think all the flight animals have a little magic to them. I'm basing this on the fact that they can sit on clouds just like the pegasi can.

It's either that or their clouds are magic. Which might be an easier explanation.

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This is vague but excellent news! Especially the Lionsgate and not Sony bit.

So it's -only- threatening Ponyville? Hmm. Based on the leaks from Sony it sounds like the general idea was for it to be an extended episode.
And considering how great the two-parters usually are this is fine.

Knighty, you the real mvp.