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I will be taking advantage of daughter's decorations and tree this year. I was so excited to share a tree and Christmas decorations with Gbabe this year, but since these new neighbors have moved in upstairs, I hate being in my house. My new house will be available on Dec 15th, but I just don't have time to move until first week of January. So it will have to wait until next year. It will still be so wonderful to be here with them though. We are going to the Christmas Parade today and to see Santa.

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This will be my first Thanksgiving with my daughter in many years.I am so grateful to be here. This transition hasn't been without challenges though.My new job is stressing me out quite a bit. I didn't realize how good I had it with my last job in Seattle.Those people are like my family. But I will persevere...As I continue to get the hang of their culture & procedures, it is getting better. I keep telling myself only a few more years :-)
Can't lie, I have been extremely stressed, not sleeping and overwhelmed. I do see things getting much better soon. Today is the day I focus on all I have to be thankful for, which is SO MUCH.
Escrow is closing next week on my little casa, but I probably won't be moving in until first week of Jan.I can't believe I am moving again!At least I will have more help this time and it will probably be my last for a long long time. It is recently remodeled with all new fixtures, flooring, etc.,but there are some cosmetic things I am excited to do.
I am enjoying a rare quiet morning as my neighbors from hell are gone. It is pouring rain & cool out. I have the little fire in my pretend fire place & am drinking some Seattle coffee.
Happy Thanksgiving my Crassfriends. You have always been there for me and I thank you.

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I'm sad to hear this news. You two had each other for a brief but beautiful time. She was a good dog. My best boy Jack was older when I adopted him. I loved him so much for the few years I had him. He is still in my heart. Big hug to you DMM. I know it hurts.

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The last episode is so so good. Helena Bonham Carter is something to behold.

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It really does break my heart for the wife and children.

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One of the reasons why I am moving before my original plan date and breaking my lease is because of the upstairs neighbors who moved in above me a couple of months ago. The floors are pretend wood floors and have no insulation between the upstairs and downstairs. They are a family of four which includes two toddlers. He walks like Frankenstein and is one scary & unfriendly dude. I hear him yelling at his kids and wife.The noise is just deafening.
I 'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop and he murders his whole family. When I told the management about the situation and I plan on breaking my lease, she said she is very sorry and would be happy to talk to them about their noise. First of all I do not want to be on his radar and also, how do you stop toddlers from running (stomping) back and forth after being in day care all day long. I am so exited to move. It may costs me a little extra to move early, but so worth it. I have a good pair of noise canceling headphones that will be my go to the next few weeks.

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She turned 5 Sept 2nd. It's going by so fast. She was telling us a story about how she kissed a boy on the playground and he is now her boyfriend. Just after she had told us this, we see the little boy with his parents in Trader Joe's. It was hilarious. She was so shy.

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Gbabe has been taking her Mom's phone and has started texting me. I've been getting a lot of unicorn with exploding rainbow heads texts.

She has also officially named me "Grams".

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Miss Lola

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Hahaha I won’t be doing any of that. I have no desire to sleep with men my age or older. I’m happy to obstain. I was thinking more about all of the American flags hanging over some of the garages. I bet a lot of those TVs are turned to fox. I’ll be bringing the resistance. 😝