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She dyed her hair pink the other day and fancies herself a punk rocker. Even though she doesn't really get what that means.
Her grand dad "funny grandpa" is British old rocker and he has had a big influence on her style.

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Hi Crass peeps! Just checking in. Long time no post for me. I still lurk and keep up with your stories.
I'm still a COVID virgin. I have been exposed several times but still test negative. I hope i didn't just jinx it. Double boostered etc.
I'm now working about 16 hours a week which I am loving. Trying to figure out my non-work jam. This community is pretty politically divided which can lead to some amusing situations. I have made some progressive friends here all with a interesting backgrounds from all over the country/world.
Still doing the Grandma thing. She is almost eight! It is So fun to hang with her. She is VERY into fashion just like her mom. We do the beach and pool a lot. She's going to be something when she becomes a teenage, which I think is any day now.

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No thunderdome here. Stairway to Heaven never appealed to me, it was too commercial, but it was one of the first songs I learned on guitar along with Smoke on the Water (LOL). Ann Wilson's version is powerful. She is a Queen.
I remain a huge LZ fan. Their music can still send me with the help of good sound and headphones. Not for everyone I get that. Maybe because it harkens back to my heady days of Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. when anything was possible and the world was magic,.
And yes, they WERE total dicks. Most rock & roll men were back then. I'm old now and try not to over-analyze. I just enjoy my very rich and fond memories. No regrets.

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GBabe at her piano recital. She was wearing my mother's earrings, which was very special.

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ETA: Granny was my Dad's mom and my mother hated her. LOL. Granny was not a very nice person.

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Writing Puzzle #7.

Can you translate this into plain English, and get it under ten words?

“Going forward, we want to leverage our core competencies and at the end of the day gather key learnings about why our marine vessel failed to remain in a buoyant capacity.”

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DMM that pic is beautiful! I know those mountains well! DQ I am so jealous, Santa Fe is a wonderfully romantic place to visit. You will have a great time and it's a perfect place for you guys to get away from it all for a few days. Hope you can find somewhere with a fireplace so can have pinon fires. Now THAT is the perfect New Mexico vibe.
My grandparent's had a ranch north of Santa Fe on the way to Los Alamos right by the San Ildefonso Pueblo. We had many magic summers & Christmases visiting there as kids. So many great stories & memories. I still think often about moving to Northern NM to retire and become a crazy old lady and raise llamas or something.

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I just saw a bumper sticker on the back of a Tesla that said:

I am pro

What in the cognitive dissonance hell is that?

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I'm so sorry to read this DQ You are a wonderful sister. Love & peace to you and your family.

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I got a dust buster. Something I have always wanted and never bought for myself :-) GBabe got me a Grumpy Cats Wall Calendar.