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Happy almost summer. Its gorgeous here! Daughter and I took Gbabe to the cool big park which she loved. Her mom was filming her agility on the monkey bars when she took a big fat face plant. She is uninjured. It was all caught on video tho which Gbabe can't stop watching.. LOL. Kids are funny.

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Yay for outside drinks with Peanut. Sounds like fun!

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Heading out to the nursery to buy a big pot for a grass plant that has gotten too big for its spot in the garden. Buy some black stain for my trellis/fence project. Trader Joes. March & Ash cannabis store for sleepytime gummies. They are like the Sephora for weed and always fun to browse. Worked on my cable/internet decision spreadsheet.

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Good advise. I will keep this in mind.

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Thanks so much TS. Yeah. I called again and once again got a different answer. She said they quoted me an extra $45 for unlimited data and they should have disclosed that at the time. The prices you showed me are for new customers. I assumed the $99 was for the Gigablast service, but looking more closely at my bill it states Ültimate Classic 300. They can give me 150 mbps for $87.99 + $12 rental (if I choose) taxes included. I would have 1T data limit. She was quite snippy with me. Gawd.
I'll talk to AT&T next week, but I may just put it all to bed and go with Cox 150 and not have the hassle.
I feel like they are all so disingenuous.

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I feel sick. The new person at Cox said 1st rep made a mistake on the quote and it would be $156 (taxes et al). He also mentioned speed test direct from router. Anyway my Cox Panoramic router is run via wifi and specific for this issue. I am paying for 300 mbps. This complex is old.
I just talked to AT&T and they said other people here have AT&T internet service, but my unit does not show up yet. He had to make a ticket to add it on before he can help me. I have to call back next Wednesday, which I will do and then order AT&T.
ETA - daughter has AT&T fiber fast so none of this applies to her.

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I have the Gigablast. Interesting, maybe I could order a slower one. I don't really need 940 mbps. Super helpful.

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Thanks TS. I thought that was way high. My bill shows $99.99 internet with $12 router rental which is all part of this bundle. I suppose I should be more assertive. I never bought a router because I don't know how to set it up and didn't want to ask the kids for help.
I also need to check with my daughter who I will be seeing today. They pay $45mo but they may have the fiber which has the special prices and fast speed. I hate this stuff!

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Hey there people! I'm scheduled to get my second P shot Sunday. I can't wait!
Opinion needed. I'm slow to this whole cutting cord thing, but I am finally getting around to doing it. Currently I have Cox tv/internet with all of the bells & whistles $$$. If I change to just internet it would still be about $126/mo. ouch. I just ran a speed test and I got 20.8 download & 7.8 upload. I do a lot of zoom and connect to a remote server and Citrix for work. I have had no issues with what I have now, except the price.
AT&T is my other option and they only have 25mbs available where I live for $65/mo (for 12 mos) and $99 install.
Reviews online have been mixed including a few horror stories and I can't afford any lost internet time. Should I just suck it up and keep Cox internet and don't fix what works?

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Positive wishes Zanzi. I will be thinking of you Friday.