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Get your own talking Donald Trump doll! Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Don't forget your promo code :-)

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I'm glad I didn't miss my window to post. I didn't have time the other day. I have had a lot of free time the past few months, so I got a lot of reading in. Here are a few:

The Red Widow: The Scandal that Shook Paris and the Woman Behind it All (current read)

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents
Isabel Wilkerson (She is such a beautiful writer)

Sweet Soft Plenty Rhythm (about an aging jazz musician)

The Ensemble (I think this turned out to be YA book, but it was enjoyable)

H is for Hawk (a little gruesome in spots, but good)

Blonde a Novel by Joyce Carol Oates (Hated it)

Washington Black: A novel
Esi Edugyan (Loved this book!)

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
Dave Grohl (meh)

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I couldn't do a tree this year so Gbabe and I improvised.

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Christmas tree not going to happen this year with spider monkey kitty.

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I never want to do that to my daughter. I went through that experience with both parents when they passed and it was emotionally draining.So.... I am ever mindful of what she would have to sort through if I dropped dead today.Thank goodness for shredders and cloud storage.All of my stuff is organized for easy sorting.I have my will, durable powers, passwords, etc. in one file by my desk. I did some major weeding out of junk & books when I moved to CA. The rest of the stuff can easily be sold.
My daughter is an only child and I am so afraid she will feel I am a burden to her as I get older.I'm still young enough to be independent and energetic, but I know I will need her more and more as time goes by. When my father passed, he left a huge mess of deep debt and oher issues of which we were not aware. My mother was like a child and had no idea how to take care of herself.She was a basketcase.Luckily my wealthy brother was able to step in to help her financially. I cannot even imagine if she would have to come live with me. I probably would have killed her :-(
Much respect to you Sunny.

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That's sad. My ex & I saw him at a West Hollywood bar back in the late 70's before he was famous. We were sitting right up front and he spent the whole time making fun of my ex's platform shoes and his accent.I don't remember if he had the watermelon thing then, but he had a whole array of weird props.Fun times.

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Wow! Happy Crassaversary people. Thanks for the last 12 years.I appreciate you.
btw, just donated to the crass bail fund

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Gbabe as Laura Croft for her Halloween party.

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Gbabe doing her pumpkin thing

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Oh hai! I was just trying to get some cute pics for the blanket fort of Lili and Lola playing their goofy game of chase but nope spider monkey Lili is too fast!
Wonderful rain storm and wind outside. I am loving it. I'm
burning some pinon incense to give me my New Mexico autumn vibe. Trying to stave off panic watching the mid term returns by online Christmas shopping & drinking wine.