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When i read Crass in bed on my tablet sometimes the screen jumps around and I accidentally click on someone's profile, so don`t you people start thinking i'm stalking you or anything...
My brother gave me a gift certificate for the wholesale succulent nursery in our neighborhood and daughter and I had a grand old time shopping for some gorgeous plants and pots. I'll take some photos once I pot them.The lady drove us around the grounds in a little cart. Fun!
Gbabe started kindergarten this week. She told us she made friends with a couple of the "older girls". Uh oh....She is kind of a badass and I can already see she is going to be a handful. Nexr weekend is her 5 yr old birthday mermaid party with bouncy house and possibly a mermaid pinata.

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It was a surprise hit for me. I had never heard of it and gave it a go. Glad I did. Great characters.

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Oh, the beer is called Belching Beaver IPA. what do I know! I kind of like Beaver's Belch LOL

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I am having the most annoying day. Started off with very little sleep. The sound on my new computer refuses to work, have spent most of the day on the phone with support and such. I guess I need to take it in or exchange it. Being stuck in the endless tech loop is enraging. Then I find my kitty has peed all over the pillows and bedspread on my guest bed. She has never done that. I had to throw away the pillows and now washing everything twice. AND THEN I am being forced to deal with the world's most annoying dense person over texts and email.
I never drink beer, but my daughter and her hubbie left some cans of Beaver's Belch micro brew mango beer in the fridge. I think I'm going to have to have one of those and do some online shopping research :-)

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It's not shopping, It's research

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Love da baby! Melts my heart.

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I totally understand the mixed emotions. I have only the one daughter and I am single. It was heartbreaking for me. But I had to let her go. Years later We are now so happy to live close to each other and I can help her with Gbabe. I do have to give them their space. They have a very busy life with lots of friends and interests. I cannot make them my whole life. So I work on making new friends and networking. Sometimes I wish I could keep them all to myself lol.My daughter understands now that she is a mom how I would tell her she is a piece of my heart running around outside of my body.

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Thank you guys. It is the best!

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Woke up a 4:30 am to make an early meeting. Then picked GBabe up from school, swimming, bath, and now she has a popsicle and is watching Netflix. Mom should be here in about 1/2 hour. I'm going to sleep well tonight. Tomorrow we have family coming in from Seattle, we are all meeting up for Beach, Mexican food and Margaritas. Never a dull moment since I got here.

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That is one happy pup! Yay!!!