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I like to think that horses think about shetland ponies the way we do about pixies/fairies and when they see them they get freaked out because all of a sudden magic is real and the world doesn't make sense anymore.

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Friend break-ups are THE WORST. I was about 14 when I broke up with my best friend of about 9-10 years. There was about a year of her being mean to me, ignoring me, telling me to my face that she didn't care what I had to say (she was the first person to ever tell me to "fuck off").
I decided to try slowing fading out of her life but the first time I sat with other people at lunch she acted like I'd written "I HATE YOU" IN 10ft letters on the wall. I'm sure she wasn't the only one at fault, I probably did some shitty things that I don't remember/block out, but my memories of that time are really painful.
She's good friends with my sister now and we chat if we see each other but it feels weird.

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Well, are we sure they were trying to help? Maybe it was a really passive-aggressive way of getting revenge after she took all their apricots.

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Eh, she can take him. I mean, does/did he even lift?

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You are an evil genius.

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Now all I can imagine is a time-traveling girl gang bullying male authors!

It would certainly make Dr. Who more interesting...

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Never mind Hemingway, how satisfying would it be to kick Jack Kerouac in the balls? I have hated him so long and so fiercely.

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Wow, I never realised so many people wanted to lick art. I think I have some new life goals.

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Well, I find a good way to think about is that pap smears don't test for cancer so much as they test for your risk of MAYBE developing cancer in the future. There are lots of changes that cells have to go through before anything scary develops and the goal of pap tests is to catch anything BEFORE it gets serious.

As someone said above, an abnormal test can be due to all sorts of things (where you are in your cycle, a minor infection, whether you've had sex, smear being done wrong) so generally an abnormal smear will be repeated. If the second one is normal, nothing else needs to be done.
If it's still abnormal you get a colposcopy which looks at the cells more closely. If this is normal, you're fine. If this is still abnormal it means you may have a lesion that could, possibly (but NOT inevitably), over a few years gradually develop into something more serious. These lesions can be treated quite simply (in the clinic where I did my elective they treated some of them on the same day as the colposcopy).
Don't worry, pap smears are about prevention not diagnosis.

Sorry for the rant. It just irks me when patients end up scared or anxious because a doctor/nurse couldn't be bothered to spend two minutes explaining things like this. So much distress, so easily prevented.

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This article has clarified my thoughts about what I want from life. It all sounds so perfect!

That said, I suppose marriage could work in the right conditions. My mum and dad get along really well because they have separate bedrooms and one of my dad's friends is building wendy house in their back garden specifically to be her "Woman-cave" and no other family members are allowed in it unless they bring her wine.

I think I could live like that.