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how dare you slander Ms. Frizzle.

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Like... I'm pretty sure there are scientific studies that'll tell you that gratitude is the exact opposite of poison to a marriage, or any relationship.

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I have used all the luck I need for the day so I will attempt to send the rest out into the universe!

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ay that worked for me! Good luck!

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You might get 'em! I just got mine after sitting on the "Searching... sit tight" page for like fifty minutes.

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There's definitely bad stuff out there, and I don't want to deny that. People can be cruel and maybe our worst tendencies are how we treat those we perceive as "outsiders," all the fear and scorn and hatred that can come with that. That and not being able to see other humans as humans. I'm 100% with you on being good requiring effort, too. But the reason those things are reported is that they stand out, and they go against the desire for goodness that I think everyone feels--whether their "good" is something that's good for others/for everyone, and whether that goodness is something they have the ability to realize, or not.

But even if humans wind up being 50% or more terrible, there are dogs and their eternal optimism. There are cats and their indignant belief that they're much more dignified than they are. There are magnolia trees and peach-colored sunsets and the enormous expanse of stars and space and a lot of things that can't even be measured on a human scale of goodness. The universe is so big and we are so small in it that even if every human in the world turned on each other, we can't measure up to the vast potential beauty of the world that's out there.

(like I said... weirdly optimistic hill, here, and I know "ultimately humans don't matter!!" is not a cheerful solution for everyone.)

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That poem is indeed lovely, but I absolutely cannot get on board with the sentiment that the world is at least fifty percent terrible. It is not. The world is amazing and beautiful and most people do their best to be good, to be kind to each other, and we are curious and loving and generous

this is the weirdly optimistic hill I will die on, fight me

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Oh this is me writing fic. This is 100% me writing fic.

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Oh hey, your first comment was in response to me! I remember complaining about that game... I never picked it up again D:

Here's my first comment:
A comment on 'Oh, the Places You Went' that reads 'When I graduated elementary school, our principal read Oh the Places You'll Go to us. But not the ''bad'' parts. Just the upbeat ones that are impossibly optimistic if not counterbalanced. I suspect she'd faint clean away if she read this version.'