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Scary part is, she'll likely win. She seems to have far more ads on TV and Braley is a gaffe machine, starting back when he - correctly - stated that maybe a farmer isn't the best choice to put at the head of the Judiciary Committee. (Especially a wingnut quasi-fascist farmer like Grassley.)

I'm honestly not sure what this says about my state. I mean, I know for a fact we're not all idiots afraid of UN black helicopters. And most of the people I know are generations removed from our agricultural past, so I'm not sure why saying a farmer isn't the best choice to worry about legal matters is such a profanity around here. Our governor, though Republican, has not openly called for secession from the union. We fought for the north during the Civil War.

I honestly don't get it.

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That line about not agonizing over his actions... That might be the scariest thing I've heard all week. And that includes Attack of the Killer Ebola.

Seriously, how simplistic do you have to be in your thinking to believe that there is no room for interpretation in writing? That ideas don't grow and change over centuries? And how does somebody like that get a serious job that influences society in a major way? How do people that know him and know he is a simple minded fool not keep him in a nice little box, maybe flipping burgers and making sure his coworkers don't get any fancy unionizing ideas?

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No, they're right. Free expression of ideas, via words, especially on clothing, has killed far more people than bullets ever will.

Wait. What?

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It's just as the gypsy woman foretold!

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Sometimes I like my state. The gay marriage thing was one of those moments, though the judges have paid for it, and continue to. Because we are in the Midwest and we cling to .. some kind of dark version of morality.

It's still weird to me how easily the anti-marriage crowd, in the face of just dumbly obvious beauty and life-inspiring cute as this have any traction in a culture that venerates Jesus and the Beatles and makes love the end all be all of existence.

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Well, if Ted's rant is anything to go by, this brand of paranoia is basically adults playing G.I. Joe - so it only makes sense that they would assume ISIS/Cobra would wear their insignia out in the open.

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"Only assholes are outgunned" - was that from Jesus or Plato? I can't remember.

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That would reaffirm my faith in humanity, if it were true. But, Occam's razor and all that...

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... in conjunction with the saucer people, under supervision of the reverse vampires...

We're through the looking glass here, people.

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I have it on good authority from the voices in my head (broadcast to my teeth fillings from the future) that Michael Brown was going to invent a sentient AI that would eventually bring about the utter extermination of humanity. In light of this evidence, I am very glad he was gunned down like a rabid animal.