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the offensively clueless *sigh*

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somebody's doing something right with that kid (even if that somebody is the kid himself)

love the little kids in the video, both boys and girls... so cute!

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hey sure, well until that becomes a reality... you really must check out Brianna McCarthy artworks she's amazing, I love her work!!! I'm NOWHERE near as good as her though and totally different style.

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I'm going to send you an illustration of a black rapunzel complete with kinky hair - gift for you... however, I need to draw it first... hopefully within the week LOL

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waaa waaa whuuuut? I feel embarrassed just reading that *gah*

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I didn't even know there was a Niagara Falls in the USA... it's like a bit of Canada actually pokes into the USA... fascinating...

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Australia may not be America/USA... but it sure knows of America/USA and their customs and culture. To say golliwogs aren't racist is to be obtuse. Like our Aboriginal people don't get made fun of the same way as American Black people? puhlease.

@st2dione - And I'm Australian and not white and I don't want to have to kiss any black butts (or any butts in general... just not my thing, sorry), this country is not perfect but it is still my home and it doesn't suck anymore or less than where ever it is that you live.

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this also shows... fat people does not equal lazy or unfit... I haven't watched dancing with the stars american or local here but you can't be lazy or unfit and do a decent dance (I'm guessing her dancing is decent if not amazing)

so yeah, fat is NOT lazy or a refusal (inability is not same as refusal) to exercise and move... *gah*

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if they had used vanilla and strawberry (if they have those flavours) would it still be offensive? since all cupcake faces would be equally ugly and in various shades of icing

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I've been keeping an eye on this post... and I'm disappointed but not surprised that there is only one comment here (by the awesome Sparky no less)... a trend I've noticed in the blogosphere is that there seems to be few Asian voices or voices standing up for Asians. Is it just me noticing that?