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Nothing on your website describes yourself as an LGBTQ organisation nor do you have ANY indication of being supportive, open or specialised in LGBTQ people. You tout religious and faith based therapies. How dare you come on this post and present yourself this way?

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We definitely have confirmation that Meisner is real and can influence the world - I want to see the implication of ghosts here. If he only linked to Renard? I hope Renard joins the gang again - his deviation to evil was never much explained

I think I'd like to see more examination of Wesen who HAVE to prey on humans - like this wesen has to feed on people when they sleep. I think they should examine this it's an interesting moral conflict. instead we always have these convenient moments where the wesen accidentally dies or forces them to kill him

As or the cloth - i say again that the stick is a shard of the true cross or maybe a possibility of it being a bit of the arc. As for the calendar of a thousand languages? Sounds like legendary pre-tower-of-babel language. Still biblical.

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exactly which is so very awful

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I think you will get a lot of raging backlash with little reason or thought (see the reaciton to the all-female ghost busters) which will get a lot of excellent chances to point out how wrong they are and a lot of depressing responses when we see, again, that pointing out reason, reality, sense and compassion is like speaking an alien language

While, sadly the sheer prevalence of overwhelming cishet white male able bodied representation is so overwhelming , the absence

I think that's one thing that is so frustrating - because media that doesn't include a particularly minority wouldn't be a problem, would be utterly meaningless, if it weren't so damn prevalent

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why oh why is Quentin. Just that. Why is Quentin. why is he there

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we've not really gone into the super hero genre because there is such a lot there to tackle.

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this is common and it's disrespectful to gay people AND bisexual people

Rather than treat bisexuality as an identity in its own right - it's treated as "gay lite", something to tease for inclusion but not TOO much - it's being treated as a cop out rather than a legitimate sexuality while gay people continue to be too extreme and dirty.

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I hate it so much - I hate that she's not there - over and over I just see the void where she should be and how much she could be so so so much better

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I don't find Enzo especially integral to the plot - he's been tangential to most of the real plot lines and not especially added anything to the show

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That's the eternal part of this show - even witht he characters being good, Abbie was so awesome that even when they're good there's the desperate question of how much better this would have been if Abbie were here.