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I'm at eight weeks and have been incredibly anxious and borderline depressed pretty much since the moment I found out (it's my first pregnancy). I am planning to start prenatal yoga in a few weeks, so hoping that might help a bit. Mostly I am just scared by how much this is not what I expected being pregnant to feel like.

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Oh God, my Italian Greyhound is only five and he already looks pretty old. He has that alopecia that blue greyhounds get, and so much white on his face already. I don't even want to know how he will look once he's actually old!

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"Lady Stardust" is amazing for belting!

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Yes, the smiley face kit! I now text my partner "FACE!" and he knows he will be getting lucky in the near future.

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I am in the exact same boat, except we have been trying less than six months. I recently had to talk to my partner because I was worried that no kids would be a dealbreaker for him. It wasn't, which was great, but the whole "trying" thing is still getting old. I had really worked myself up over the fact that I don't want kids bad enough to put myself through anything too painful or stressful. Finding out my partner didn't want that either was such a relief. I personally don't think it is anything to feel bad about. It's a huge decision! I only want kids because I love my partner and having our own little family is appealing to me. I sure haven't always known it was something I'd want. I don't really have advice, just a whole bunch of support and solidarity.

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And there are going to be six sinks? No need for more than one hand dryer!

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I love the smell of my Italian Greyhound. When we cuddle I like to put my face right into him and take a deep breath. This habit has apparently transferred and now my partner knows what I am up to when I sniff him all the time.

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I think that all dogs can get Wet Dog Smell, so unfortunately there is no getting around that. But some definitely have more smell than others. Between my partner and I we have four dogs and none are particularly smelly. I think you would notice as soon as you met the dog, so at least it would be easy to avoid.

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This is the best explanation I've heard for why sometimes a hot bath is just not what I need.

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Panic because it's getting late and I haven't decided what to watch on Netflix.