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The Dept of Ed has moved a document he linked to...but I found it.

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We Catholics had a pope once who said that there is only one race...........the human race. I tend to agree......and I agree with you that there are genetic similarities generally speaking within cultures and peoples. Have you read about Darwin's racism? The Nazis didn't come up with euthenics all on their own. Darwin and Nietschze helped them out with the heavy thinking, skewed though it was.

Did I spell Nietschze right??

I don't know about this deal with Muslims and the census. The only Arabs I know are Catholic. Ha!

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It is what it is. I'm a conservative, therefore, since I do not live in Arizona, I think the people of Arizona should decide who they want to be as their next Senator. I think the Tea Party movement sells itself out when it seeks to build a national machine to fight a national machine, all the while pretending to be "grassroots". Social media has changed everything. It allows people in Oregon to have a bigger impact on a race in New York than could ever have been possible before. A conservative machine is still a machine and oppresses the real grassroots. I blog on national politics and I will continue to speak about any race I have an opinion on, whether or not I am eligible to vote there, but I dispute the notion that money is "speech" and I will never donate to any candidate for whom I am ineligible to vote. Money is corrupting the system. I think it's time to put a limit on contributions so that only people eligible to vote for a candidate may give to that candidate. There should be no donations from corporations, unions, or organizations of any kind. Let the people decide as individuals whom they want to support in their own elections. Return to the printing presses to print flyers to pass out to those who may not have broadband. If we don't end the corrupting influence of big money on our political system, we will never be conservatives, no matter what we believe about issues.

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LOL! Great post! Go Bobby!

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I'm really happy about the announcement that she'll be a Fox News contributor. Some have the strange notion that this is all she's going to be doing with her time, but there's no such thing as a Fox News contributor who does nothing else with his time. They all have regular jobs outside Fox News. I look forward to seeing her more often on Fox News!

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You're still pushing that SurveyUSA poll done two months ago? Can anyone say "Desperate"? The newest poll was an independent poll done by a California firm that showed him running 17% statewide, same as the internal poll. It also showed Johnson winning in one of four regions (the south, which is Rand's home region) and it also showed Johnson leading among women statewide. As a conservative woman and a Palin supporter, I like that Bill Johnson's positions are the candidate closest to hers. The PPP poll is being pushed now by the Paul camp, too, and it had fewer than 500 respondents and they weren't all voters, let alone Republican voters. The independent poll was statewide, among likely Republican voters, divided evenly by region and gender. Now ask yourself, what percentage of Rand Paul supporters are registered Republicans, let alone live in Kentucky?? Johnson is the candidate for conservatives in this race.

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PPP is not a trustworthy pollster. It's run by liberals and their polling is never right.

Hooray for Bill Johnson!! He's the only true conservative running in this race!!!

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Simply appalling. I can't even get my mind around it. Thank you for the report.

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Thanks for the link back. I'll add you to my blogroll. :-)

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Rand Paul is bad for Kentucky. There's no way Kentucky would vote for him in the general election. He's showing a lead now because of the out-of-state money that's poured in to get his name out front and center. The only real conservative in this race is Bill Johnson. If Rand Paul wins the primary, you may as well kiss goodbye any chance for a Republican win in the general election. There's also been a gamechanger which makes this poll moot - the fact that Rand Paul selected an anti-Christian racist to be his campaign coordinator. This lead won't last.