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I used to see Sarah Palin as sort of a Suzanne Sommers in the old "Three's Compnay" series....kind of good looking but so dumb it's painful to watch. Now she seems more like Blanche DuBois in "Streetcar Named Desire".....frightened and afraid as she fades, also a whole lot nutty.

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If you are thinking that Missouri is smart enough to say ," No thanks" to Catheerine Hanaway, you haven't been paying attention to Missouri for a long time. She is just what this right wing heaven will eat up.

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You really know that Wasilla is a little tiny one-gal town when you realize that because she was a decent looking woman, all the old guys in town voted for her as their pretty lil mayor, thus launching her into a political career that would have never come to pass in any other place than Alaska, with its tiny population and inordinately large share of lonely guys with no women in their lives. She certainly wouldn't have even mad the Board of Aldermen in any other place in the country.

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And it has never escaped my notice that Fred Barnes is a right wing columnist who has never been right about anything up to this point, so his record remains perfect.

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I always thought that if Sarah Palin was ten years older and thirty pounds heavier we would have never heard of her. Well, she is almost ten years older, and though she isn't thirty pounds heavier, her hair extensions are crappy looking,which is almost the same thing. I rest my case, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Isaac Mizrahi and the QVC lady being clueless about science, funny. The head of the House Science Committee....not so much.

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He also had six sisters. Need I say more?

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I wish I could think of one clever or funny thing to say about this jerkwad, but he was our archbishop here in St. Louis and was a complete ass from the day he got here until the day he got hustled off to Rome. Also, too, they keep telling me it's a sin to speak badly about the sick and the dead, and this guy is a certifiable old girly man.

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I only read the headline, but is it a guy named Ben Gazzi?

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I will answer that for you. No one, under any circumstance, ever needs Republicans. What was the question, again?