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I really did not need to see GB in stockings just now ... especially not in HD lol

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It's very easy "u-n-d-e-r-v-a-l-u-e-d".... see? and yes I am a smartass.

Between our lovely reporter friend from CNN stepping all over the cause of the protestors and flagrant comments made by Janeane Garofalo on "the news" I can make a case that the protests were undervalued. This certainly has been demonstrated by the lack of cooperation on Capital Hill.

The teaparties definitely showed that there are many of us that are very much against this growing bohemoth of a government, but in order to fight a centralized power we must march into their domain. The message must be so big and so loud from so many people right in front of these liberal facist that they can no longer deny the importance of our cause.

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I am no-one-in-particular. If I go out my door and scream at the top of my voice perhaps two people could hear me. I could drive 15 minutes to a city of 100k people, but there is no true "town center" to draw attention. To get noticed in my town you need a crowd of 50k and I imagine this is the same in many places.

It's easy for the politicians to ignore our cries when the protests are out in the so called "fly over states." They must face us; face our words and will. We have to go to them. I am no-one; I cannot bring a million people. I don't know the first thing about organizing such an event, but I am one person. That must count for something.

Let me know I am not alone. Are there a million voices out there that want to be heard? That must be heard?

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I have been thinking for a while now, "if the tax-day tea party demonstrations were so undervalued by Washington then what CAN we do to get their attention?" The next major demonstration, and I believe healthcare and cap and trade will spark it, must be brought to the federal government's doorstep.

It will take no less than 1 million angry families marching on Washington before our congress will even bat an eye. It escaped recognition that the tax day rallies weren't held on a weekend or a holiday nor were the protesters getting paid time during working hours. It was a Wednesday; tax day! When the only crowds are at the PO trying to get that last minute stamp.

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Rationalized healthcare amounts to nothing more than passive eugenics, and I never thought that I would see our country devolve into this. If this moves forward then what moral boundaries will remain in the face of such lackluster leadership?

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Just a quick little shout out...

Simon Property Group, Inc. SUCKS!

If you agree, voice your disapproval here.

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The out-of-place race relation question during the Healthcare Q&A last night whether intentioned this way or not has drawn up a disproportionate amount of discussion especially in this forum. The importance of liberal "equality" is not lost on me but this IS a distraction from the issue of massive Federal control being extended over YOUR healthcare.

Where are those outspoken about the Patriot Act who were SOOOO concerned about the right to privacy? The massive bureaucracy proposed in this bill cannot possible keep personal health information private forgetting the fact that it's the US Government in charge of keeping it that way.

The way the President described the plan sounds so wonderful.... until you turn off the boob tube, snap back to reality and realize money doesn't manifest out of thin air (unless you can print it but for the rest of us that's a crime). "Government" and "Efficiency" and "Save money" are words used only in the same breath as a punchline.

FRAUD! Yes, and you know it's a lot easier to hide that $50 charge for 2 Tylenol tablets when you bill a large organization like an insurance company, but of course that won't happen with the government healthcare plan. You know what fine stewards of finance they are. Waste isn't even in their vocabulary.

Come on guys; let's not let the politicians get away with BS like that. Especially when it's our President saying it with a straight face on primetime TV.

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These guys are right. A constitutional amendment of repeal couldn't be done in the middle of the night and would be squashed as soon as it hit daylight. I will say; however, that with the rule of law being turned on it's head the past months I would not entirely discount that a power struggle could ensue at some point. If this run away liberal agenda is not brought back down to the constitution I could see this get out of hand down the road.

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The president revealed his true religious feelings when he said "[The United States] is not a Christian nation" that we are a secular state. Whatever religious beliefs he professes appear to be of political convenience only; not a true rooted belief. I don't care what his personal religious beliefs are, but it pisses me off that politicians USE religion to get elected and toss it at the earliest convenience. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY OR DON'T SAY IT AT ALL..

Most politicians use the family, community, and church routine to help people vote for them with the good feeling that "we are voting for a 'good person'." Not just Obama here but this goes for all politicians: I see those political ads so often they really should just shoot a generic family sitting in a dinning room, going to church, and talking to the community and just paste the next candidates face on there. That is the most useless sort of ad but is frustratingly one of the most effective. Of course this moral preponderance doubly backfires if there is any sort of scandal.

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I'm not sure he was hiding his agenda before; it was just so unfathomable to most of us that we didn't see it. Tho the more we do see the more horrifying it becomes. Now think about that we don't know anything about the current plan really except the name and initial proposed cost. Just imagine where we will be in two months.