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@cosima - looking forward to it. thanks for sharing!

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i think you misunderstand my purpose...

this has nothing to do with unity in the Body of Christ (an important topic that deals with the issues you mentioned).

this is about unity within ourselves. giving all of our heart, our habits, our thoughts, our decisions, over the governance of Christ, not leaving little outposts of sin to hide on the borders of our hearts.

this is a call to individual holiness, not one to rally the Body of Christ together.

i am in no way qualified to speak on unifying the Body of Christ together under one 'creed' or set of doctrines.

we all are qualified, however, to call ourselves to personal holiness and sanctity to Christ.

that's what this post was about.

blessings brother!

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great sleeping bag.

camping: yes.

though, if i'm honest, i prefer cabin camping. which i recognize is not manly, nor is it true camping.

i'm sorry. i like have an actual toilet.

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well done.

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thanks for the link.

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love the upgrade. looks great.

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i felt as if i was being transported to another place and time.

the time being the the early 2000's. the place...still not sure.

loved the reverse delay.

thanks for sharing.

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thanks for the comment paul.

have a wonderful thursday.

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i also use a lot.
there are a few inappropriate fonts on there, but in general an excellent resource.

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really cool to see all the different blogs summarized and cataloged here.

in light of this wonderful post, i thought you'd enjoy this bit of silliness:

...yeah...right...facebook is WAY more 'personal' than a blog...

pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

...which no one did.