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Hey y'all! I don't know if any of y'all remember me as I haven't posted in Mark Spoils or Mark Watches in a longgggg time... as in like years (2015 to be exact, OMG). I used to follow along with Mark Watches, primarily during the times he watched anime (I rewatched FMA:B and watched Utena and Baccano for the first time on MW). I recently rewatched Cowboy Bebop in preparation for the Netflix adaptation, which made me remember that Mark once did Mark Watches Cowboy Bebop. I reread all his posts and everyone's comments from back then as I rewatched the show, and it helped me realize I'm still learning new things about CB, legit decades after it first premiered. Anyway, all this made me think about this community, and how much I missed it. I'm just happy to see that it's still semi active!

Happy December, and I hope everyone's having a great week!

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I would vote Kingdom Hearts, but I feel like Okami is so underrated, I would rather see that first!

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Yes to anything by The Civil Wars! But I think the Iron and Wine cover of Such Great Heights is just so lovely and romantic without being too obvious. A great first dance song. :)

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I didn't know how excited I was going to be for this season, but then I watched Seth Meyers Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party, and now I'm all about GoT again because that shit was just too damn funny.

- I hope they never kill off Varys because he's just too enjoyable to watch. Varys/Tyrion banter is everything.
- Still pissed off at the show's treatment and killing of Shae. Slightly placated that Tyrion acknowledged he's a POS for killing her with his bare hands.
- Seriously though, I'm never going to look at Tyrion the same way again.
- I remember I was so angry at what happened to Shae, I didn't even think about the repercussions of Tywin's death. Holy shit are they huge.
- Littlefinger is the still the creepiest creep to ever creep. Keep away from my bb Sansa.
- Jon's too decent for this world. He's lost so many people at this point, I'm surprised he hasn't broke yet. Still crying about Ygritte.
- Shit's going to get so real for Dany this season, I can feel it in my bones. Part of me really doesn't believe Dany and Tyrion will get to actually meet because well... this is GoT we're talking about here. I don't even know how many journeys have gotten derailed at this point.

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These posts were beautiful and wonderful and ugh, it still hurts, man. It still hurts.

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Nununun, LRF.

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Ughhhh, that gif. <3 OTP to rule all OTP's!

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Jurer'f gur "Bu zl Tbq, bxnl, vg'f unccravat" tvs sebz gur Bssvpr jura lbh arrq vg.

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Aww, this sounds like the best. I wanna go to the NYC date, but I don't wanna go alone, wah.

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I'm watching Yuri Kuma Arashi and The Rolling Girls this season. Clearly, I chose the most bizarre shows this season. At least they're both lady-centric!