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It's a cool trick, but fiddling with the registry is dangerous, so I'd rather avoid it. Even though I know how to use it, even I can go wrong.

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i still say the USA should be doing what France is doing,and power our country with atomic energy,in a way that all cars will be running on electricity´╗┐ which would be FAR cheaper then petroleum,and leave petroleum for the machinery that builds our nation.

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its typical of some low life loser who can't stand anyone he may be involved with to try and better themselves and leave them behind. and it is a sad commentary that the woman is always the one that suffers at the hands of some "machismo" thug

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I like Nick!!! His humor on AGT always makes the show bearable. His movies were pretty funny also!! I hope for a speedy recovery!! God Bless

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Every year that I've bought them as a season ticket holder you must pay for them when ordering.

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Those kinds of places are high end consignment shops. Nearly every community that has a shelter for these women has a resale shop where the women can get clothing for free. Call your local police, they will give you the contact information for the shelter in your area. Ask the person you talk to if they have a thrift store that gives the clothing to women in this situation.

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GREAT!!!! I'm a Richards fan and loved watching him´╗┐ destroy a guy.

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Assad is supported by Russia/China, while his opponents have the support of Al-Quaeda. This produces cognitive dissonance in the minds of ignorant American Islam-bashers, who are left dazed and confused as to which side to support.

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Very proud Northern Irishman tonight!! Well done Rory!

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The seatbelt originally seems to be the problem and cause of personal injury in this case, but upon closer look, it saved this woman's life. Had she not been wearing the seatbelt, she might very well have been thrown from the vehicle.