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If it (EU) continues to push Putin further into a corner we can only expect him to come out fighting. Napoleon and Hitler could not conquer Russia, but what the hell, the modernists don't read history books, they know it all!

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Totally agree with you TimCH; too many people are lowering their heads, too afraid or too lazy to stand up for their children’s rights. The longer this is allowed to go on, the harder it will become to reset the balance.

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Morally bankrupt. Those responsible would better serve this world as fertilizer.

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Our Queen's head on our currency and on our stamps looks just as it should be. The only place I want to see Lord Meddlesome's head is on the chopping block prior to public display on a spike where all traitors end up.

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When so many other groups, especially racial groups, are allowed to form their own clubs and associations, it is simply NOT acceptable that ‘Harpy Harman’ can begin to think (it) has the right to interfere with the BNP membership criteria, the Liebour Party has its own specific criteria - Toads and Morons only need apply!!!!

Liebour has done and continues to do its level best to destroy freedom of speech in this country, they are despised by an ever growing number of people and if Brown won't throw in the towel, at the very least he could throw himself down the stairs at No.10.

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Very good point 'coupt'. No Income Tax, no VAT, Muslims out on every street. God bless Gordon Brown, Muslim crimes in your town. These words would form part of the theme had 'Only Fools And Horses' been written in the Blair/Brown era; come to think of it, it might have been called Dhimmies And Camels instead.

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Just a few short years ago there was a news item on how China deals with such criminals: two men who raped a woman were caught, marched down the street with a note pinned to them stating their crime for all the public to see, (justifably jostle and jeer). Within ten minutes of appearing before the judge, the two were taken down to the cells below the court where they each received a well earned bullet to the back of the head, their families were made to pay for the bullets the executioner used - now there's REAL justice!