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Should this device be used to monitor our activities, which for the record will be as any other year, perfectly lawfull, then I propose a rather large firework display complete with several rockets.

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How unfortunate! The Judge had the ideal opportunity to send a message to those idiots who run around our housing schemes with air guns.

Lets not forget, these weapons are lethal!

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This is only the first step of a long chain of positive discrimination. Once they have been handed jobs on a plate, they are fast tracked through promotion and given extra priveledges over the rest of us (Fridays off work, private prayer rooms, prohibition of food in the workplace at Ramadan etc...).

We are a joke and they are laughing at us!

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I am sure you are not the only angry person David.

If you haven't already, the first step to make changes is to join the BNP and through our campaigning, effect change. I know being unemployed is a struggle, but you can get your membership for a reduced £15. Even if you cannot join, you can still get involved by contacting us.

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Quick, somebody call Trevor Phillips!!!

Looks like racial inequality to me!!!

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If the Government hadn't made the job of police constable so difficult with red tape and political correctness, maybe some of the older more experienced officers would have stayed in the job longer to help tutor these rookies?

There is a saying within the Police, although crude, actually sums up the feeling in the rank and file quite well. It goes like this...

'The job is f*cked'.

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At long last I'm able to comment!!!

This is a truly shocking insult to those troops who serve our country under the union flag.

Where is the councils ban on the communist flag I see regularly flying on stalls in Buchanan street at weekends? or for that matter the Palestinian flag?

Yet again we are treated as second class citizens. Utter madness!

Ed- Excellent, good point we ask ourselves that question too!

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Im a complete thecnophobe so will stear clear of all that!

If these thugs are not given adequate punishment for their crimes then it will open the door for any Tom Dick or Harry to assault any politician without fear of reprisals! This case isn't about an assault on Nick and Co. It is also about what is acceptable as a form of demonstration.

Secondly, If I remember correctly, is it not now illegal for a group (more than 1 person) to congregate anywhere near Parliament andur anti terrorism legislation?

And lastly, I think the security team that day should be commended! It would have been tempting and indeed arguably justified in self defence for them to lash out at the scum.

Enjoy your new toy ;o)

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A witch hunt?

If we are discriminated against and forced to open membership up to non indigenous peoples then so be it. We will battle (politically) on!

Our aims and purpose will remain the same and if a non indigenous person wants to join us knowing that our aim is equality for indigenous Britons then that is their stupidity!

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Although I cannot advocate violence against any group of people and support fully the official BNP stance of condemning the actions of certain people in Northern Ireland, I can sympathise with these said people. It is unfortunate to say but unless action is taken to stop positive discrimination then this sort of vigilante action will only increase.

It is not the immigrants fault! It is the fault of the government and the only way to peacefully correct our situation is to elect the British National Party to Government.

I WOULD APPEAL TO ANY PERSON WHO IS FEELING AT THEIR WITS END NOT TO USE VIOLENCE BUT INSTEAD TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US HERE AT THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY. Channel your anger and convert it into peaceful political campaigning. We have proved our methods work. The tide is turning and you can be part of it all!