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Unless you happen to be someone who has no intuition and is ridden with bad me :P But, essentially I agree. The political powers waste more time on who should be solving the problem than actually addressing it and solving it. I don\'t think they have ever even considered the word compromise. <3

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It is great that you aren\'t succumbing to what appears your social norm of having sex. Waiting until you are reading is the healthiest thing you can do and your doing it. :) Kuddos <3

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Well, you should know that it can affect you in small ways that you might even notice. But the thing about growing up is trying new things, the good and the bad, as long as they don\'t completely interfere with your normal life. If your intention is just to try it once; then its your choice. Just be responsible and not over do it. It can be very dangerous. <3

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That is great that you realized that you didn\'t have to do those things anymore. <3

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I honestly think that if you told your parents they wouldn't take it lightly. This is a serious thing. Ultimately it is up to you. We are always here for you and if you need it I know for sure that others including myself will give you information that gives you direct access to us via email or something of the like. You are not alone. We are here for you. <3

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Good Advice. I personally have done a couple of these.

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Well first thing is that you should tell your mother or whoever is your guardian in the home. It should be brought to there attention. Make sure as well that he knows that you aren't little anymore and that you haven't forgotten. If anything should happen go and tell another adult or a police officer or someone who can help. It is imperative that you do what I said in my first sentence right away. keep us updated. <3

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Mark will probs b along to explain it to you soon. I'm not the best at explaining things lol. If not I'll bring it to his attention. Glad you are here though <3

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Well maybe you should just move on then. It sounds like a whole mess. Sorry. <3

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Wow. I am really sorry that you had to go through that. I don't like hospitals one bit either. For me it was when i fell on a stick and it tore out a chunk of flesh and I could see my knee it was cool and creepy. The rest I don't remember bc I guess I passed out and it was a long time ago. But you are not alone. <3