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One of my favorites is that Coca-Cola came out with New Coke/Coke 2 only to boost sales of original Coke when they brought it back. And it gave them enough time to switch from using sugar to high fructose corn syrup with original coke.

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Fun math time!
Canada population is "aboot" 34 million. Using some census data I pulled from wikipedia; The legal drinking age is 18 or 19 and 80% of the population is over 20. That does not account for under age drinking but whatever. 3% of the population are of a religion that does not drink so I will ignore that and use is as my buffer.
So that leaves us with 27.2 million people consuming 350 million Caesars a year. That is 12.8 Caesars a year on average. So many clams... They filter garbage and are delicious.
I have no real point, just math.

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I would go back and watch my birth. Hi mom!

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My santoku. I can easily cook and cut with other knifes. But this one feels like it is part of my hand.

It was not cheap but as knives go, it was not crazy expensive.

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I don't use a fountain pen but do appreciate proper hand writing. Computers have ruined peoples penmanship just out of lack of practice. But I am all for things old fashion. I shave with an safety razor & badger hair brush. It changed shaving from a chore to a enjoyable activity.

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Recently re-watched Cherry 2000. Where are the sexy fem-bots?

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I am a big fan of board games. There is a weekly Risk & drinking game I attend occasionally. More frequently around the house we play Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Acquire, others I cannot recall. I have to say I hate Monopoly though. It is a game based on slow painful attrition. Not fun.

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Point taken: what technologies have gotten less efficient in recent times? I would say the shoe definitely has. Arguably booze. Others?

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I was shopping for refrigerators over the holiday and one store had a small display that had the KWh of refrigerators from different decades. If I remember right, refrigerators from the 70's had an estimate of 2000 KWh per year and modern refrigerators were down to 500 KWh or less. I will admit older refrigerators have a lot more style and 100% cooler latch handles; but the power they use is gluttonous.

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The ball bearing. The applications are endless and they are quite the unsung hero.