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No one got burned to death as a result of the Salem Witch trials - the condemned were either hanged or pressed to death.

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It will be more like the Berlin Wall, keeping Americans from fleeing to Canada, as they always promise to do.

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Perhaps you need a Gideons' bible. My kid found one in a hotel room when she was about 4 and reported that there was a really good recipe for clam chowder in it.

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Which is louder? The sounds of sodomy or the sounds of a woman bleeding to death because doctors are afraid they'll end up in hell and/or prison for removing a non-viable foetus.

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On the other hand - there is this Canadian court decision that let a First Nations parent take her child off chemo after first treating her cancer with kale and bunnies at a Florida "treatment center" (registered as a massage establishment and headed up by a Doctor who is in no way a doctor.)

Another young girl whose mother insisted on this choice of treament was, at last report, near death.

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Pfffft. Here in Canada, the Sergeant at Arms knows how to deal with dangerous sociopaths and hatemongers.

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Great Scott. We have Stephen Harper. We don't need any covert US interference this time.

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Stay Calm and Await the Sergeant-At-Arms. I'm not sure if this is a Harper propaganda piece, or not, but it's a great story, and I hope it's true. He's the guy who ruled in favour of Sikhs wearing kirpans in the House (with a great commentary), and sent out coffee and donuts when tempers were flaring over First Nations protests.

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He apparently had problems with minor criminal offences and drugs. Class A candidate for recruitment to whatever the extremist cause of the day happens to be. In another generation, it might have been the FLQ.

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How about can't trust disaffected youth who turn to extremism du jour?