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Basically, the civil service on collusion with the PM broke the law and were on contempt of parliament. I received a letter from the Speaker's office confirming that David Davis and Steven Baker were indeed impeded in the discharge of their duties - contempt.

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As I have said many times before, there are two aspects to this.

Firstly - mutual standards of recognition, we will abide by EU law when selling into the Internal Market, and likewise we expect the EU member states to reciprocate. Simple.

The question surrounding the border is actually about the legalities surrounding the imperial nature of the EU. The inability, supposedly sovereign, nation states have to make bilateral arrangements. As you rightly point out, the CTA is nearly 100 years old and covers the whole of the British Isles and Crown Dependencies, therefore takes priority over the Single Market and Customs Union.

This problem is an EU problem, they need treaty change in order to satisfy the legalities, or Ireland has to leave. Given Herr Schulz's remarks today on twitter over a planned EUSR, submit or leave... it is quite obvious that Ireland will also leave.

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DarTington not DarLington, I know easy mistake.

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I am student at Dartington College of Arts, would I be able to turn up to the civic hall. Please e-mail me

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After what is happening at the Corus plant on teeside, the BNP are definately going to win a seat. That was the impression I got after watching question time last night.

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She said she laughed because of what he did as a student. Thats is typical student behaviour. At the student bar getting pissed. After stressing over essays that have to be in soon.

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I think we already are on their list of enemies.

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Wonderful!!! You truely are a party for the people. You wouldn't get the usual riff raff doing that. I never thought I would say this about ANY political party. That is Well Done for taking the MORAL HIGH GROUND!!!!!

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Thats what I am saying, but don't go advertising the fact you are BNP or the mass media will hunt you down, and all the violence will be blamed on the BNP therefore you can say goodbye to seats at the election.

There will be plenty of opposition in wooton bassett alone.

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I believe that home secretary, alan johnson has given consent for a Banning order on the march.
As much as we hate the politicians in the establishment, I do think they have done the right thing in giving consent for a banning order.

Though I will give you some advice, if it does happen by all means go and protest against, but DO NOT resort to any violence whatsoever, as you will lose the moral high ground, which is good thing to have coming up to an election.