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Well lets see what he does about the articles in the DT about the NHS turnong down help from pharmacies to administer the vaccine or that PHE refused to work sundays to distribute the vaccine?

I'm assuming of course that he has already got rid of the need for diversity training for retired medics?

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One word was missing - motivation. I see none from our government or the NHS. All they worry about is diversity training for vacinators - has that requirement been removed yet?

Why don't we have daily vaccination figures? I want to knwo how many doses have been received by us and how many are in arms. If the number is not the same I want to know why and I want it fixed.

Why are we not building new vaccine facilities to make more?

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All this is but mere diversions. It's clear we won't be allowed out till deaths "from" covid are zero, therefore the only focus should be on vaccinations.

Every day we should be told how many vaccinations have been given and how many have been delivered. If there is more than one days stock then we should be told why and whoever is stopping them being given out should be sacked and the problem fixed.

No more rubbish about schools or teachers. It doesn't matter. And it should be given to the original list. ie those who are going to die otherwise.

Stop testing, just vaccinate - quickly.

Lets have no more cock ups like the refusal to recruit retired professionals. Just do it - now.

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Full attention must be put on vaccinations. The only restriction should be supply. No excuse for not getting it in arms.

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How many people have been infected already? Isn't that as good as being vaccinated?

Would it not be sensible to give the limited doses of vaccines to those who have never tested positive first? And at the same time remove the self isolation rules?

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Might have got a lot more out of him if Marr wasn't such an awful interviewer. Constant interuptions before a decent answer and let him completely off the hook with vaccine numbers including the missing 30 million...

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Very good point. If there's anything we know they read it's the comments on here. Why do none of them go "oh shit yes we could do that..."

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A couple of things are very strange.

a) All these stories of the "diversity" training required to volunteer to give jabs. Why hasn't Boris or Handcock done something about this, it's clearly nonsense and an opportunity to get rid of some completely useless processes and people. It's as much that the NHS actually think this is a sensible way to act. Reminiscent of early testing when they wouldn't let the private sector in. I assume this wasnt a requirement for testers?

b) Lack of transparency. We were told in May production of the vaccine had started - so where are ll these doses? Lets see the whole process and the bottlenecks so we can force improvement. For example how easy is it to change other factors to produce the vaccine? Could they not send a box to all hospitals/care homes and tell them to vaccinate themselves?

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This argument could be easily defused by moving half the summer holidays to January.

See what the unions say then!

But there are many advantages: No mass testing needed in fact those testers can be redeployed giving jabs, far more useful. Education will be far more productive in summer than with the mess of self isolation now. And go easy of kids being taken out of school in the summer for holidays.

And of course no need to shut down the rest of the economy to appease the lockdown mob.

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Well done Boris. You now have regained a feelgood feeling. Don't wreck it by ruining yet more of the economy.

What you should do now is publish a stretching vaccination plan with milestones for getting back to normal. You have hundreds of thousands of people doing tests, get them doing jabs instead. Show us the way out. Repeat the initial grant to rate payers to save some hospitality.

What you should not do is impose any more restrictions on any other areas or it's straight back to the Boris must go headlines.

And get Gove off telly talking about more and more testing. In fact just get Gove off telly.