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I sincerely hope Starmer is defenestrated. Just imagine who'll replace him? I hope it's fishwife (Rayner) or farty pants (Burgon).

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There may be something in the Chumocracy allegation. I am concerned and think we should look into this.

But I will say this about the detractors of the conservative party. Generally Labour supporters. Labour are behind in the polls, because ordinary NON brainwashed lefties, see the bare faced lies lefties tell and run. You are probably aware of the 'Britain having the worlds worst Covid deaths lie'. The vile lefties know this is total rubbish but keep repeating it thinking people are listening. Everybody knows in Blighty if you went under a bus, had no symptoms but had the virus you were marked down as dying from covid. Everyone knows that the whole world measured deaths in different ways, but disgusting lefties have tried to weaponise death. They then wonder why everybody hates them.

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Needs to be more investigation into synthetic fuels. 15% of the CO2 but with the practicality of Petrol.

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The FT is a biased EU mouthpiece. The fact that you are citing it is de facto evidence. You failed to make a point.

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We just play too nice. Somebody needs to change the game. Just imagine if we were to reach out to advertise the benefits of leaving to Italian & French citizens? If the EU want to play dirty, so can we.

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Fair point.

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Why don't you give up? You lost every argument, the referendum, getting a withdrawl that shackled us to the boat anchor and yet you're still harping on with irrelevant FBPE tosh.

Perhaps you can spend time on twitter agreeing with your like minded remainer friends? You'll find loads there. 99% of people reading your comments are not going to see some light that you present, they just see the same recycled crap that they're not interested in.

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Calling all conservatives
- We spend a fortune on Scotland
- Sturgeon is running amok.
- Apparently we're the Unionist party, we don't show it.

No mention of Scotland, the SNP hiding the OECD report on Scottish education, Ross's woeful performance north of the border. As somebody who pays for Scotland, I thought I'd mention it.

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Given the surprising likeness of some in our current government to Blairites, this is hardly a surprise?

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Sorry, my understanding is only from reviewing the headlines in the Scottish Media over the last 6 months. Where the Scots media essentially lie by omission. The old BBC trick.

So you're comparing the poison dwarf to a useless Labour politician and thinking you're making some earthshattering point. It might not have been pointed out to you, but this is Con Home and the readership are a little brighter than the average CyberNat. People who understand that you have to be a complete xxxxx to disregard Scotland's complete and unquestioned dependence on trade with England and massive deficit. Fantasist Krankie hates us, but wants our £, she berates us for the cuts, despite getting more than the average in the UK.

Sincerely I want the Scots to go, taking their moaning and disrespect with them. The SNP have shown the union huge disrespect. They hate it and the support for the SNP says a lot about the Scots opinions.

They can take their share of the debt with them. I believe they can use the £ only they will have no control, they can't print money unless it's a Scottish £ and that floats separately. They will have to borrow at disastrous rates. We'll take all our public sector jobs back, a good boost for Northern England. Move ship building back to English yards over time and welcome Financial Services south with open arms. Meanwhile the SNP will be treated well by ordinary Scots as they see their county stare into the abyss of austerity at a higher level than Greece. The sad thing is most CyberNats would read what I wrote, fail to understand it and say Pish.