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@Salpecam xxcellente points you raise thank you. Firstly I agree, if a couple get tested and providing they remain faithful, the use of condoms for anal can be abolished. There is a 3-month window period for HIV, and a retest after this time is wise. However, HIV aside, there is the possiblity esp in couples trying it for the first time, a fear of it being messy. A condom in this case can protect against that as can using a good quality anal douche product beforehand.

As an anus cannot get pregnant and providing each is HIV/STD free, then ejaculating in the anus is relatively safe.

Desensitising the penis has both its pluses and minuses as well I think. Plus because it can help prolong his pleasure esp if premature ejaculation is a problem and minus if it allows the man to thrust endlessly because of decreased sensation thus causing discomfort to his partner.

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LOL is this in NZ?

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very glad you have commented! and very brave! I agree with your "gay overtones" statement. Most guys love it but are afraid to admit it for the fear of being labelled. What a crock of shit! Stimulating the prostrate gland produces powerful orgasms and is only able to be accessed directly thru the anus, with most finding out purely by being curious just how much pleasure they get from it!


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thx sweeetee.. queen of filth? thats an honour wow thx ;) always being cheeky ;)

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Classic under the table fondling.. I think the majority of adventurous daters have indulged. One good tip I always stand behind is good oral sex skills as foreplay. Make her cum a few times before sex is always good. That way if prejac is a problem at least shes satisfied. But yes I can imagine it would be hard not too ;)

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LOL so what time are you picking me up? LOL.. I think most guys do.. its the few that need to spruce up on their dating ettiquette.. I think just listen to instinct.. if apprehensive it usually means the signs are there.. XX

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ooo thx hunni..

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and a lil amusing? LOL I laughed

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