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Here's a repost of my response on Fred Wilson's blog:

I think the next wave of commerce will be implicit shopping. A store that shows me only products that have been recommended by friends. Maybe those products were purchased at Amazon. Maybe they were purchased at Newegg. It doesn't matter - this 'personal store' contains everything I need to make a very quick and informed decision.

Facebook Beacon was a start, but knowing what someone purchased is useless to me. I'm more interested in whether they'd recommend it. I have some ideas in this space, but I'm not sure how I should execute them yet.

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I wouldn't ignore the entire article on the basis of traffic inaccuracy. The fact still remains that those commerce sites have been in the lead for as long as I have been using the internet (I'm 25).

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I like this a lot.

I envision (or at least want to see) a future where everyone's data is connected to the internet. There's a lot of content people want to share, but have to go through the trouble of uploading it to another server.

Imagine if you could perform a search across files that people specified as public on their computer... Or a search across family members (shared) photos.

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1) slow down before your karma runs out, and 2) you mean to tell me that I can't just hand over my desktop and server, collect my $50mm, and call it an acquisition? Damn, I quit. :-)

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Howard Lindzon had some input on Fred's blog. I tend to agree with his assessment that it's the leverage of the social graph that is most important here. No matter what your application is (i.e. e-mail relevancy), you need to leverage the social graph.

I'm mostly interested in the application of this concept in the enterprise sector (no news there). With spending in the "enterprise social software" sector expected to reach $3.3B by 2011, at least according to Radicati, there appears to be a real need to leverage the social graph.

Also, I agree with the "messaging not e-mail" statement. While e-mail is the current standard in the enterprise, there's no reason to believe instant messaging, blogs, and intra-service communication won't see just as much (or more) adoption.

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I must admit, I'm an e-mail addict.

Radicati Research shows over 200 e-mail messages "sent or received" per corporate user per day [courtesy of Om Malik's Business 2.0 article].

An unofficial poll on the online version of the article (+7,000 people) shows that 87% of people have little to no trouble managing e-mail. Only 11% are "snowed under", and just 2% reported that they don't use e-mail at all.

What's interesting is that 2% number... To me, that means e-mail isn't going anywhere soon... and most people are in fact happy with e-mail. I suspect the 11% that are having trouble are individuals who are heavy networkers with a thick Rolodex.

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Certainly is an interesting sector. I see better potential in the enterprise, where there's more control of the internal social network (i.e. no duplicate accounts, no internal spammers, etc).

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The BIG problem I have with software patents is when a company files them, but doesn't use them. If you're protecting your product or service... fine. But if you're patenting stuff with no intention of using it, then don't waste your time (or anyone else's).

Take the Blackberry case as an example. Blackberry might have infringed on a patent, but as far as I'm concerned the original patent holder should have taken their ass to market sooner. Instead, they sat on it and waited for someone else to do the leg work before crying about it... or at least that was my take on it.

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Intense Debate came before Disqus.

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I see what you're saying, but in all honestly it looks like Isaac was trying to help. Saying they "pounced" on you is a little misleading IMO.

Why didn't you just delete the comment?